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Hey Insiders! Thanks for clicking onto my blog.

 I was looking for something that made me happy. Eating doughnuts and drinking wine, just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I wanted something fun and exciting. – Sure doughnuts taste nice and wine tastes like heaven BUT it wasn’t motivating or making me happy.

Im looking to make people giggle and smile on a daily basis by helping people to relate to everyday situations that we all go through. I believe that we are afraid to say what we think and really feel. – Sad I know.

Everyone needs to help and encourage each other to do something that they love and not to worry about what others think. It doesn’t matter about fame, money, likes, views or acceptance. If you loving doing something don’t let anything stop you. Believe you can and you will.

Believe In Yourself & You’ll Be Unstoppable.


Much Love, The Insider x

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