Women Drivers

Driving. What is it with people using the quote ‘ugh women drivers’ – Like what’s that meant to mean! Is it meant to mean that we aren’t good drivers? Like we are crazy motorheads or that we get distracted easily? I for one am a very sensible driver (well I do like to drive speed a little and sing, but who doesn’t?!) – I’ll be singing along to ‘Little Mix’ or ‘Westlife’ or ‘Steps’ you know old school classics – I know what your thinking Westlife… Steps… Really?! – Yes, I’ll hold my hands up, they are my secret love! You all have secret bands that you love and are ashamed to admit, I know it!

So anyway! I was singing along to my tunes, driving at 80mph minding my own business as I always do. Came to a stop at some traffic lights, still singing with my music on FULL blast, swishing my long hair about in the breeze from the window being open – in my own little world. When I could feel someone watching me. You know that weird feeling that someone is looking at you and you just feel reaaally uncomfortable – Yeah that’s the feeling I had. So I turn my head to the right to look out my window, to see a group of BIG-ASS body builders staring and laughing their heads off at me! (talk about humiliating!).  All I could think of in that very moment was to speed off as fast as I could to get away from them… I was ready, my clutch at biting point, my other foot on the accelerator, the lights turned amber, then green, I thought I was away! BUT, no I stalled. I could feel my face going red as a tomato, with the BIG-ASS body builders laughing at me and a line of angry business people behind me in their fancy cars – I hung my head in embarrassment and drove off.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that’s experienced this? How many others have been through this? – Please don’t let it just be me…

When I eventually pulled off I lowered my music and didn’t sing a word for the rest of my journey, which might I add was rather boring. When I got to work that morning I told my horrific ordeal to my friend, who just burst out laughing and didn’t take my embarrassment seriously (I know, what kind of friend is that!). I guess it wouldn’t seem that big of a deal to someone who doesn’t drive.  Come to think of it, I think I was more annoyed at the fact that my singing was on point and I was building up to a great long ‘Whitney Houston’ vocal when all this happened. Gutted.

Well.. there will be many more journeys to finish it.

Much Love,

The Insider x 

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