Call Centre Giggles

In the type of job, I do there are a number of different emotions that I feel on a daily basis. I work in a call centre. Now, I know what your all thinking ‘how boring, she’s put in a cubical looking at a computer screen alone’ – well this couldnt be further from the truth! I work in a massive office which is all open plan. Meaning that I can see everyone that I work with (even if I don’t want to). Now one BIG downside to working in a call centre is that you are chained to a desk by a headset (kind of like a dog chained to a post). This is rather frustrating as its not the greatest fashion accessory and if you forget to take It off when you want to go get a coffee its like pulling out your earphones when you’ve forgot you had them in! – Yeah, it hurts!
Its like the headset from hell at the moment as its super busy! So, every 10 seconds a call comes through, this is one of the most stressful things in the world. Like imagine having to talk non-stop for 7 hours a day to people that don’t fully understand whats going on and repeating yourself over and over again. Tedious! Espically when people call up without any details on them! – Like really?! Your making me do more work having to search for you – Did you even want to ring up? Surely if you ring a company you have the intension to do so and have the documents ready? Now if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t have things ready when you call a call centre, trust me when I say your the kind of person that we all hate. 

Now I’ve spoken a lot about what I don’t like working in a call centre however there are some amazing benefits also! Like the people that I work with really make my day. I’ve met one of my bestfriends while working in the call centre and we have such a laugh. Not to mention all the HOT guys walking around in suits! – amazing eye candy, its sometimes hard to put your tongue away and focus. Anyway back on track – Me and my bestfrind where talking one day at lunch and we started getting in fits of giggles, because people seem to come through and say ‘I was wondering if you could help me’ … now just imagine if we turned round and said no, then what would happen? Would they just say ‘ok thank you’ and just hang up?’ Its one of the most funniest things that we have always wanted to try (but if we did we would be in sooo much trouble). 

One day my friend was talking to a not so happy customer, and the customer said ‘are you incompetent!?’ Now I love my friend dearly and at this point I had picked up the handset and was listening to what was going on – giving her a little bit of support when this was said. To my surprise my friend answered the question by saying YES …. I looked down at her in shocked and amusement. I was shaking my head as to say no your not.. the customer on the other hand couldn’t really say anything back to that and left. My friend turned to me and was like ‘what?’ I then burst out laughing as I realised she didn’t know what incompetent meant. When I managed to calm myself down I went onto explain what the word meant. She was horrified. Then a smile came over her face as she said, ‘well they couldn’t come back to me agreeing with them.. that was my plan all along!’ – Still to this day I never let her live that down.

Much Love, 

The Insider x 

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