London Adventure

Me and my bestie love to go on adventures together. One amazing journey that seems to stick out for us is when we decided to go to London. Now London is a big, loud, scary place for little Northamptonshire girls,  that are used to one long strip of road that has pubs/bars (if you can even call them that). We decided to go watch a show, which I have watched a number of different times but my bestie hadn’t seen. Wicked. The most amazing musical I’ve ever seen… well it’s definitely a 9/10! – But before we get into that, I’ll take you back to the beginning.

We decided to get onto an early train, so that we were early and had enough time to get ready and hang out in the hotel before the show. We go to the hotel which was a trek and a half across London. We thought we had planned the route to go on… (yeah don’t trust us with planning a route). We thought that the hotel was only a 10 minute walk from the train station – This was totally not the case. It was more like 40 minutes away. So we stood at an entrance to the tube station and was looking on our phones to see which tube was going to get us to the hotel. We managed to find a tube that gets us about 15 minutes away so we started walking down the stairs through the hot tube station. Lugging around huge bags and a suitcase. The suitcase was a bad idea. I dropped the BIG RED suitcase down the escalators. Everyone turned and looked at me with my bestie laughing her head of as I turned a very red colour and scrambled to pick it back up again before we needed to get off. Finally grabbing the suitcase (and wishing I was anywhere else), we made it to the platform. – FINALLY. We stepped onto the tube and was off in a flash. We were laughing along the ride to the next stop. We got off and luckily there was no one around, we marched right up to the top of the tube and stepped into fresh air (as I’m sure we all know the tube smells like old men and feet). Taking in the fresh air we pulled are phones out again and started walking towards the hotel, which again was 15 minutes away. We walked through some amazingly gorgeous houses and parks. We talked about how one day we would be rich and live here (like that would ever happen). We were hot, sweaty, hungry and starting to get tired. For anyone that lives with girls or is close with girls will know this is a very dangerous mix. We couldn’t stop moaning, saying that we were hungry, we needed the toilet, we are never doing this again, the hotel better be worth it, ect. We eventually saw a sign… It was the gleaming hotel sign! SANCTUARY. We managed to find strength in order to push ourselves the last stretch of the road to the door. We must’ve looked a right state walking into this lovely, clean hotel with marble floors and glass windows. We walked up to the front desk and managed to get ourselves checked in and get to the room. It’s fair to say we collapsed.

After having a nap, we managed to have showers with music blasting around the hotel room. My bestie was in the bathroom, shaving her legs and all of a sudden she hears  me call her in a very low voice and partly holding in laughter. She walks out the bathroom and says what have you done now (in a mum-ish voice) – she looks at the floor to see red liquid spilled all over the floor and down my arm. She looked at me shocked and with alert, to which I sat their laughing and said I dropped the nail varnish all over the floor. – this pretty much set the night. She burst out laughing trying to help me rub it off the floor. – I was secretly hoping that the hotel staff didn’t charge me for the mess I made!(luckily they didnt!).

After the fiasco in the hotel room with the nail polish, we finally got to doing each others make-up and started to straighten each others hair, helping each other pick out the outfits that we want to wear for the evening. – Then it was the fashion shoot part of the night, the phones came out, snapchat was open, the pouts were out and the selfies began! Now being girls this is a routine that we all go through in order to go out. You have to get the lighting just right, you have to make sure that both of you are looking good in the same photo. Every girl uses snapchat everyone to let everyone know that your having a good time – Which is sometimes annoying especially if you can’t get your hair or lightening right in the photo. Once the selfies had stopped, we strutted down the corridor to the lift. In the lift me and my bestie realised that the mirror and lightening was perfect and decided to get another picture. (hoping that no one else would get in the lift and see us doing this) – we are so vain. Nothing felt better than walking across the marble floor in your heels of the reception, which 3 hours ago you looked like death when they first saw you. We felt like royalty, like everyone was looking at us, feeling fabulous. (well I know I did, I’m assuming my bestie did too).

The hotel had ordered us a taxi to get us to the theatre to watch Wicked. – The night only got worse from here. The taxi picked us up, everything seemed good, until the taxi driver said that there was so much traffic that he would drop us off here and the theatre is just down the road on the right. Me and my bestie thought, eh that’s fine its just there. As we paid the taxi driver and he drove off it started to chuck it down with rain – It felt like a monsoon had appeared from nowhere.We were in open toed shoes, dresses with no coats. We walked and walked and walked through the busy streets of Westend trying to find the theatre, it was nowhere to be seen. We kept ducking in and out of shops, in and out of other theatres to try and dodge the rain. I looked at my bestie and started to get annoyed at the situation. (why the hell did we get out the taxi? – stupid idea!). We both tried to think whats the best thing to do in this situation, the conclusion….. call mum. I grabbed my phone angry, dripping with rain and rang my mum. My mum answered and asked what was wrong (she sound worried as it was a little late and she knew we were in london). I explained the situation and that we are now late for the show and didn’t know where we were, freezing cold. Like wonder women to the rescue, my mum brought up a map on her iPad and talked us through where we needed to go, now all we needed to do was  to grab another taxi, as we were a little over 5 minutes away (which was a hard job in itself as it was raining, in london, on a busy saturday night) – Relieved and loving my mum we grabbed a really lovely taxi driver that helped us a lot and dropped us right off at the correct theatre (thank god). It looked closed (well we were around 10 minutes late and sometimes they don’t let you in) – Luckily they could see that we have had a rough night and drenched, so they helped us in and showed us where are seats were. Thankfully we hadn’t missed much and was only part way through the second song. (I’ve never been so relieved to sit down in all my life). At the interval me and my bestie both looked at each other and said ‘we need some wine’. we walked over to the bar and both grabbed some wine and settled down for the second half. After the show we both just wanted to go back to the hotel and order pizza.

We grabbed a taxi straight from the theatre to the hotel, feeling a little deflated we walked to the bar and brought a bottle of wine and went to our room. We climbed into our pajamas and sat down on the bed laughing. We searched for the nearest dominoes and ordered pizza, the only problem is that they were closing in 3 minutes (as if this night couldn’t get any worse), so what they said was if you can get here in 10 minutes we will cook you the pizza – Luckily we could see dominoes from our hotel window. Finally the night was looking up. We shoved are shoes on and ran to dominoes, grabbing the pizza in our pajamas and returning to the hotel room. (At this point all I wanted to do, is laugh, eat pizza and drink wine) – My bestie grabbed some plastic cups that were in the hotel bathroom and we sat on the bed stuffing our faces with pizza. – Best way to end the night.

This was by far the funniest experience I’ve ever been in. At the time, I was wanting to go home and wish I’d never gone but looking back with my bestie, we laugh so much about it. That was the first of many adventures to be had. Sometimes the worst situations can give you be best giggles and funniest memories, especially when your with your bestie. I look forward to our next adventure, that’s for sure but hopefully it is less stressful!

Until the next adventure …

Much Love,

The Insider x 

5 thoughts on “London Adventure

  1. Wicked that musical I first saw on Broadway as a 12 year old. Wicked is home to everything I want in a musical: spectacle, dance, romance, comedy, positive and negative emotions in the score, and a strong emotional connection. That musical sparked my love of musicals and that musical was how I began to understand the emotional side of musicals. Wicked changed me for good


    1. I absolutely agree with you. I’ve seen it 5 times on the Westend! I have such an emotional attachment to it, as it was the last time I saw my childhood bestfriend, before she moved to America. She left a handprint on my heart and changed me for the better. – It’s lovely to hear that you had a connection too it as well! – Turner x


      1. I saw Wicked three other times: high school then in 2013 and then in 2016. Each time I see it it just gets better and better and my vulnerable level increased each time. Elphaba is a character I can relate to and the other two characters I have an emotional connection to are Glinda and Fiyero. I get most absorbed in the friendship and the love triangle


      2. It’s breathtaking not matter how many times you see it! It teaches us all to love ourselves not matter what anyone else say. We can be what we want. We can do whatever we want. It’s got amazing feel to it with all the messages it brings… I’m glad it touched you the same way it touched me – Insider x


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