A Chocolate Labrodor Named Bee 

Mans bestfriend has always been a dog. I standby this saying so much. I personally have never owned a dog (thanks mum and dad!) – However I’ve been lucky enough to be touched by the wonderful love it is from a dog. Like this one gorgeous Chocolate Lab called Bee. She is the most beautiful dog I’ve ever come across in my life. I never understood or believe when people said ‘my dog has a personality’ – boy was I wrong. Bee has the biggest personality ever! She has such a kind, loving nature but also suffers from separation anxiety. Now as I mentioned she’s not my dog but she’s a dog within my family and her owner (my sister and her partner) love her to pieces. Bee hates and I mean absolutely hates being away from them. She whines and whimpers – Not to mention she gets in an awful mood (like a stroppy teenager!) … but as soon as you mention the ‘W’ word (walkies), she’s like a completely new dog! Jumping around, barking, whimpering and wagging her tail. It’s like automatic love, it’s like your her bestfriend all of a sudden!I remember one time Bee was out in the park with just myself. I threw her ball as far as I could, to try and tire her out. I wasnt taking much notice as she ran off towards the ball – I was on the phone to my handsome boyfriend at the time – When SUDDENLY out of nowhere another dog charged at me (from behind) and took my legs out from under me. It was like I was falling in slow motion, like in the matrix (but not as cool and angelic as that). I hit the floor with a thud, letting out a massive scream. Dropping my phone to the floor under me, I couldn’t move my left leg. I started to panic because I could see a massive German Shepard BEAST thing, circling round to my head. Bee at this point had ran like lightening to my side and was standing over me growling and snapping at the Beast. Snarling Bee moved off me as I sat up but was still staring down the beast. – The owner of this dog walked over and was uninterested as to what just happened. I couldn’t feel my leg and could feel my temper rising (thankfully, I didn’t say anything bad!). The owner grabbed the beast, asked if I was ok and walked off. I managed to limp my way to the top of the park, picking up my phone which my boyfriend was in shock asking what the hell just happened… I put Bee on her lead and left. Limping all the way back to the house, crying with Bee by my side helping. We got in and put ice on the knee that was hurting (it was such an unbearable pain). Bee was sitting with me, licking my arm and placing her head on my lap. I could see the love coming from this dog. This dog protected me. Looked after me. Loved me enough to stand up to another dog more than twice her size. 

At this point I realised that a dog is TRULY a mans bestfriend. She’s not just a dog to us, she’s part of the family. We should never take dogs for advantage because we need them, just as much as they need us. 

If you have a dog, your very lucky. 
Much Love, 
The Insider x 

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