Non-Contact Sport. 

So, as we all know I’m not the biggest fan of the gym. However I used to absolutely love netball! – Ok ok, there is such a stupid stereotype about netball. I have heard it numerous times! ‘Netball is for girls’ ‘Netball is easy’ ‘Netball is just a spoof of Basketball’ ‘Netball is slow and uninteresting’ and finally ‘Netball is a NON-CONTACT sport. – What a load of rubbish! (Is a nicer way of saying it) – I for one can tell you all now, that it most defiantly had contact (well at least when I played it did). There is so many tactics you can play, you have to be able to think on the spot, you need to remember who to pass too, plus unlike basketball we DO NOT have a backboard when we shoot. We shoot unassisted. I used to play at a high level. Now depending on your skill, depends how FAST and VIOLENT the game is. I used to play the position GD (for those of you that don’t know what that is, it means Goal Defence). Now hopefully you all guessed, I defend the goal and stop people from scoring. 

GD is such a good position, as you can move around most of the pitch and get stuck in. There was this one time, that I had a really blonde moment (sorry if your blonde), someone was talking to me about the pitch and how it’s divided. Just to be clear – It’s in 3 thirds. However when I was having my blonde moment, I actually asked ‘How many thirds are there?’ – Yes I actually asked that question. What an idiot I am! – But it did get everyone laughing and giggling, but I didn’t know if they were laughing at the comment I made or whether it was my face going SUPER red. 

There was this one game, that I was very into as I hated the team we were up against. It’s also good to mention that I am a SORE LOSER and hate getting beat. In this particular match, we were getting beaten (badly) and I was getting frustrated with members of the team that might not have had the same skill as me – I know big headed statement, but oh well! – She went for the same ball I went for, however I knew in the situation/tactic we were playing it would be better for me to handle the ball. We both reached for the ball, arms bashed against each other and I snatched the ball away from her. Not realising that I had catched her with my nails, I carried on playing. At half time, she came over to me and showed me her arm… I was in shock (however a little giggle did come out of my mouth) – I had clawed her arm. It was bleeding. She should never had gotten in my way! – I said that I was sorry and we went back to playing. –

 I was so annoyed to have lost that game. I was angry and didn’t want anyone to talk to me. The coach at the time came over and was like ‘What’s up with you angry?’ This made me and everyone else laugh. Unfortunately this nickname stuck. Threw my time being at school and playing netball this was to be my name. ANGRY. This was even written in my end of year school book. 

After that dreadful game, we all went home miserable. At practise the next day we didn’t see the girl that I had clawed. She had decided that the game was too violent for her and didn’t want to play it anymore … Oops. My fault…

I will always stick to what I said: NETBALL IS A CONTACT SPORT. – Remember that. 

Much Love, 
The Insider x 

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