Tattoos. They’re amazing! I think that they are a great way of expressing yourself. I mainly like tattoos that mean something to someone. It doesn’t matter whether or not you personally like them, as long as they mean something to someone that’s all that matters.

I was on holiday with my family one year and broke the news to my mum and dad that I wanted a tattoo. Now my mum and dad both started to giggle and said ‘No your not’ … ‘What would you get’ … ‘It’ll be on your body forever’ … Blah, Blah, Blah – You know in cartoons when people someone talks to another, but the person just isn’t listening and all they see is the persons mouth moving but hears nothing? – Yeah I did that. It’s the same thing everyone tells you. ‘You won’t get a good job, You’ll have the tattoo on your body forever. My question to those people is, ‘So what’ ‘Whats so bad about them’. If a job was to turn me down due to having tattoos, it wouldn’t be a place in which I would not want to work. ‘It’ll look horrible when your old!’ – This one makes me laugh, all I want to say to this comment is, ‘Ok, well let me know what you look like in 60 years time’. What concern is it of others, what people want to have on their bodies.

Anyway… back on topic, I was on a 2 week holiday with my family in the lovely Spain. I dropped it into conversation one evening stating that I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo. Now my parents weren’t enthusiastic about the idea, however I didn’t leave it. I carried on talking about it the whole holiday. – Probably annoying the hell out of my parents. One day my mum turned round and said, ‘Well what If you don’t like it’… ‘What if you can’t get used to it?’ – She did have a good point. What if I didn’t like the tattoo, what if I didn’t like the placement or having it on my wrist? Doubt started to settle in. I shook it off quickly as I started looking through designs.

We went down to the beach one evening for dinner, once we had eaten we went to look around the stalls. Now I’m sure we have all been on holiday and have seen all the stalls that line up on the beaches, full of bracelets, knockoff bags, anything really. We came across a stall which did henna. – PERFECT opportunity for me to see if I liked the design I had chosen and to see if it looked good on my wrist. I explained this to my mum who didn’t like the idea of getting henna as sometimes people can get bad reactions -(Unfortunately I am allergic to literally everything). Against my mums wishes (sorry mum) – I went and sat down for the henna tattoo, which was just like getting a tattoo (minus the pain). Over the last week of the holiday, I managed to get used to the henna tattoo on my wrist and it did look very pretty.

**Fast forward to when I got home.** I still kept thinking about the tattoo and started to find places near me in which had good ratings. I met up with one of my friends (who already has an amazing tattoo) and went to get our nails done. I asked her questions about her tattoo. She mentioned that hers took a lot of time due to how big it was and also all the shading and colours took time. Funnily enough the tattoo shop she went too, was right across from the nail salon. – At this point it would be good to mention that I am a spontaneous and impulsive person. That being said I walked into the tattoo shop… I was so nervous, I could hear my heart in my ears. I showed them the design that I had wanted. They said that they could book me in, in an hours time. – It was fate. I looked at my friend, who nodded to me. I signed on the dotted line and I was booked in.

Loads of emotions ran through me. I was nervous, scared, excited all at the same time. During the hour before my tattoo, I had text my boyfriend and he said ‘Sure do it, if its something that you want to do’ … luckily he likes tattoos! I then had the hard job of calling my mum. Who at this point was at work. She picked up the phone – I think I was more nervous about speaking to my mum than going or the tattoo. She didn’t sound happy with the idea of me getting a tattoo when I had only gone to get my nails done, however its my body and my money she said.

It was the time of my appointment. My friend came with me for moral support and I was getting really scared as I don’t like pain very much. A BIG man walked into the room, with a  white beard and a black leather jacket. – He looked like a big scary biker. I thought that he wasn’t going to be gentle. He waddled over to me and spoke in the softest voices ‘Is this your first tattoo’ in which I responded ‘Yes, I’m a little scared’. – He was so gentle and was always making sure that I was comfortable. My friend was constantly talking to me and making me giggle however, even that didn’t stop the pain and discomfort I felt. It’s like a million pins going into you all at once. It was all going well until my head wondered what it was looking like… I decided to look down. BIG MISTAKE. I forgot about the blood (even though it was only small amounts). I looked straight back to my friend and said ‘I’m bleeding aren’t I?’ … to which she nodded. At this point I twitched. The tattooist, said don’t move. – However this had already make a small wobble on the tattoo! (So frustrated!).

Another 10 minutes and it was finished. I have never been so happy to get out of a shop. Ever! He had wrapped it up and told me how I needed to look after it. Fast forwarding a couple of hours. I walked into my house and my mum grabbed me (OUCH, right on my tattoo!). She looked at it and said ‘Its not that bad!’as she said that I let out a massive sigh of relief. The days passed and it was healing nicely however the itching was unbearable!

My tattoo, it means something to me. Its says ‘Believe’ – I need to believe in myself more. I can do things even though sometimes I may not believe I can. It is just a small reminder, that I CAN do anything I put my mind too. Sometimes I just need to stop and take a breath.

Much Love,

The Insider x

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