Secret Mini Ninjas

In my family we are all small. I think it tends to run in the Scottish side of my family. My mum is 4ft 10 – I mean wow super small! Me, well I’m 5ft 4. Not as small as my mum but I am small. I have 2 step sisters, they are a lot taller than me and my mum. They have the longest legs ever! Gorgeously long legs, they could be super models! Unlike me, who’s a short-ass with stumpy legs (Unattractive or what!).

Being small has a number of disadvantages, such as people always come up with the saying ‘how’s the weather down there?’ – Like is that meant to be funny? Clearly you didn’t do well in geography. It’s the same as the weather near you. I once had a guy say that to me when I was in school. I actually answered his question by saying ‘Well it was all clear until you spat on me’ – Everyone, including me burst out laughing! Leaving the guy looking like a complete idiot and going a little red in the face! Also people love to use you as a leaning post. My head isn’t somewhere, where you can place your arm. Not to mention I don’t like smelling your armpit! – It’s disgusting. If you’re a person that does this. Please on behalf of all my follow small people, STOP. It’s gross, Ok?

Plus when we go shopping (there is a lot of small girls), there is never our size available it’s always out of stock! So annoying. I love shopping (I know typical girl…) – SHOES. Small girls can pull off any type of heels! I can wear reaaaally high heels and still look smaller than my boyfriend. Plus I look normal compared to others!
However there is loads of advantages of being small. Like my boyfriend, he’s 6ft 2. Me standing next to him I’m only just up to his shoulder! Nothing feels better than having a tall boyfriend that pulls them into a deep hug. Fitting in under his chin, so he’s able to rest his head on mine. He will kiss me on my forehead… I know, I know amazing right?! Best feeling ever! It gets me all giddy and bubbly inside. Guys I guarantee you, every girl will go weak at the knees if you kiss them on the forehead. It’ll make them smile from ear to ear, like a Cheshire Cat.

Never. Ever. Underestimate a small girl. We make look all innocent and cute however we are secret mini ninjas. Yes ninjas. Sometimes known as violent midget’s. We are fast, agile and can move with no one even noticing! – Guys especially remember small girls are at a perfect height to cause some serious damage. So don’t mess us around.

I for one love being small. Good things come in small packages – Remember that.

Much Love,

The Insider x

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