The Walk Of Shame – The Friend Addition

I’m at that point in my life where I consider washing my hair and putting on clean clothes making an effort. – I know, sad right? In this day an age, it’s just so much effort to look good. Like I don’t have enough time in the mornings to always doll myself up! Like come on, I LOVE my bed and would rather have more time in bed than getting up early just to look good. I look at girls that come into work with a full face of make-up and I really can’t be bothered to do it…. However they do look good! My colleagues are lucky if I come into work with brushed hair and matching socks. 

I remember when I had only just started dating my boyfriend. We used to go out almost every weekend for dinner. He would forever be saying ‘are you ready yet?’ ‘We are going to be late’ ‘hurry up’. I would lock myself in the bathroom and start to get ready – You know, hair, makeup, getting dressed. Now I bet I’m not the only girl that has done this, (If I am I going to be so embarrassed). I used to be super nervous about going to the toilet at his house. I don’t know why, I just did. Every time we went out I did this, I would say that I’m going to get ready, but secretly I would be having a number 2. – I know, I know gross but it worked. I would always shout back ‘I’ll be five minutes, I’m just finishing my makeup’ when actually that’s not the case. I would come out with a little mascara and foundation on, however sometimes a full face of makeup, so he didn’t suspect anything! – Please don’t let me be the only one that’s done this. (I can’t believe I’ve just admitted that!). 

Now this is something I know for sure. I know every girl has had a night with there besties, you know getting ready, doing each other’s makeup, hair everything. Me and my bestie a few weeks ago, went out on the town (as the oldies say), we got all our makeup, had the music on full blast, clothes all scattered across the bed. Shoes, all over the floor. (Ouch. This hurt, as a number of different times we stood on them). To top off this brilliant start to an evening, was a nice ice cold glass of wine. Then the makeup starts. Both helping each other, doing dramatic makeup, big backcombed hair and picking out killer shoes. Me and my bestie take around 3 hours to get ready – we do look like goddesses afterwards, so don’t judge. – However, the next day is be completely different. She will leave my house, in the funniest (but cutest) outfit ever. She will have her pyjama bottoms on with are bright blue, with her big grey hoodie, purple fluffy socks and pink leopard slippers. Her hair will be on top of her head in a bun with last nights makeup still intact – Ok to you guys it might sound awful, but it’s actually a cute combo! It’s kind of like the walk of shame, but not at the same time. Me and my bestie, literally are like animals that hibernate. She will pull on a bar of legging, baggy top with her hair up and no makeup – when she does this, she looks like a bloody super model. When I do that, I look like a homeless person with a big forehead. So jealous. 

I love these kind of moments though…. 

Much Love,

The Insider x 

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