Sibling Bonds, You Can’t Come Between It

I’m an only child – Yes feel sorry for me. (Only joking). It actually sucked growing up without siblings. All I ever wanted was to have little sisters, so I could look after them and have them look up to me. We would be the bestest friends. – My wish came true. My mum had started dating an amazing man (who is now my dad), he had daughters of his own! He has 2 gorgeous girls that I’m lucky enough to call my sisters (who are younger than me! Bonus). Although, I never expected there to be disadvantages of having sisters. Growing up with them was hard (like massively hard! I wanted to pull my hair out!) – Just to throw in there, they only came up once a month for a long weekend and we would go to them every Saturday. (That was enough!). Just imagine, 3 hormonal teenagers  all at once. I have massive respect for my mum and dad, it must have been hard! We would always be arguing about the TV remote, shoes, makeup and everything! If anyone ever said anything about my sisters, I would be the first to jump to their defence (only I am able to insult them) … However now that we are young adults (and can drink together), we are closure than ever.

I remember when the older sister (not older than me) – Got her first boyfriend. I have never felt so protective of her. We have gotten that close that I decided to have ‘the talk’ with her. I never thought that it would be awkward, but oh my gosh, it was awful. I was tying to say make sure your safe and that if she ever needed to talk I’m there. – I never had an older sister growing up, I had to do it all alone… Anyway. That’s enough of that! What I was trying to say, is that we used to hate each other’s guts but now we have the best friendship ever!

As siblings you have to always look out for each other. Like my friend has the best story ever to confirm this. So, his parents used to have very demanding jobs and they had a nanny (gosh that sounds so posh!). Anyway, my friend is the youngest in his family. He has an older sister, and an older brother. The nanny had picked all of them up from school and my friend was desperate for the toilet. The nanny kept saying that he needed to wait until they got home. He kept on asking and asking to go. Then the unthinkable happened (I hope he doesn’t hate me). – He peed his pants. When they got home the nanny had realised that he had peed his pants and went mental at him, saying that he needed to clean the car – It would be good to mention he was 6 at the time. He was mortified, bless him. He cried. Something snapped inside his older sister (who was 11 at the time), she grabbed him and stormed into the house. She locked the door behind her with the nanny stuck outside. She cleaned her brother up and got him settled. She walked to the window and shouted ‘your fired’ – The nanny actually walked off and left them! – Who in their right mind would leave an 11-year-old and a 6-year-old in a house on their own? Anything could’ve happened! His sister then called their mum and said ‘mum, I fired the nanny and she left’. God knows what was going through her mind at this point – Shear panic I would expect. He said that by the time his mum and dad got home, his sister had made him dinner and had him watching TV. I’m amazed at his sisters instincts to take care of him.

It’s pure unconditional love. Sibling bonds, you can’t come between it.

Much Love,

The Insider x

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