My mum is the most amazing mum in the world – I know, I Know everyone says that about their own mum. They are such a massive part of our lives (well I know mine is). She is always there for me and always pushing me to my full potential in anything that I do. – Sometimes the pushing is annoying especially when I’m trying to be lazy but I always thank her for it in the end. I’ll tell you what else is annoying, is that mum’s are always right! Like you’ll ask them an opinion about something (like when they say put a coat on or take an umbrella it’s going to rain), odds are most of the time you’ll roll your eyes and say you’ll be fine, its sunny. Within 10 minutes if leaving your house it starts to rain and your ice cold. Thinking to yourself damn. Mum was right. I know that all of us never admit to our mums that they are right – Otherwise, we would never hear the end of it!I think mums don’t get enough credit. I mean they carry us for 9 months, go through all the terrible 2’s, all the teenage hormones literally every part of your life with you. I mean it’s funny to think that’s how we repay them. It’s like, ‘thanks mum for carrying me and wiping my bum when I was younger, but I’m going to be rebellious and be moody with you all the time’. ‘I will also be locking myself away in my room being anti-social, glued to my phone’. – Now I know I used to do this and my mum would’ve loved for me to spend time with her but when you’re a teenager you don’t realise this. Its only since I’ve become an adult how special those moments were. You know, just time with you and your mum. Going shopping, getting your hair done together, getting your nails done or even just watching a film together. These are all special moments that I wish I could have done more with my mum. (Don’t worry she is still around, I just wish I wasn’t as moody or stubborn as I was).

Mums always worry. – We can’t blame them. However, I’m an only child. My mum is SUPER protective of me. Like when I had just passed my driving test, she would always tell me to text or call her when I got to my destination. This as a teenager was SO annoying! – I would always forget and I’d have a million missed calls from her. Like I would have a sarcastic text ‘are you still alive’ – I would text back ‘no I’ve died’. She didn’t appreciate that. Still to this day, whenever I drive us anywhere (baring in mind I’ve been driving for 3 years), she still grabs for the door and holds onto everything. She even flinches! – So off putting. 

To most of us, our mums are the people that we go too when we are upset. My mum is my best friend and we have the best gossip chats ever. Like I remember one time when me and my (school) bestie had a massive argument and were no longer friends, my mum would be like ‘well I never liked her anyway’ ‘she always took you for advantage’ – She is the type of mum that would have your back, if something was to go down. Plus if that friend ever wanted to come back into your life (good luck with that my mum hates you, you’re not allowed to be my friend anymore). I can talk about anything with my mum and it never feels awkward at all. I have lost count how many times I have laid on my bed, just talking about anything and everything with my mum. Having the best laughs – The kind of laughs that hurt your stomach. Plus! Mums give the best advice ever, like I remember one time I wanted to cut my hair short. Now my hair is really long and thick. It goes down to the top of my bum. I was so adamant that I wanted to cut my hair short, however my mum was saying ‘No, don’t do it, you’ll regret it’ ‘I like your long hair’ but being the stubborn teenager I was, I ignored my mums advice. WORST MISTAKE of my teenage life. I looked like a umpalompa. My face looked like it gained 10lbs. It was just awful, but I couldn’t admit that to my mum (otherwise I would be admitting defeat, and that she was right). I walked out of the salon, with a big gleaming smile, saying how much I loved it and didn’t regret a thing (when inside I was dying and SUPER annoyed that my mum was right).

 I always think of my mum as ‘Wonder Woman’. She never seems to stop. She works 12 hour days in a very stressful job, comes home and cleans the house, cooks us all dinner, does the washing, all whilst listening to us all moan about our day. She never moans about her job or anything she has to do. – I know I would. – I look up to her (not physically as she’s smaller than me) but she’s such an amazing role model. Harding working, loving, kind, funny, strong, beautiful, best hugger ever – There is just too many words that I can think of to describe my mum.

My mum inspires me. She is my inspiration. – I Love You Mum.

Much Love,

The Insider x

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