Airports. They are the only place where you are able to start drinking at 9am and it’s perfectly acceptable. No one batts an eyelid. – It makes me think that I should perminatly live there. I guess the only thing I hate about airports is the amount of stressy people. I mean come on guys, calm down. The funny thing is, I know that I am one of those stressy people. I just get so worried and nervous for no reason! I’m lucky to have my boyfriend, he’s the complete opposite to me. He is the calmest most relaxed person ever. He really does bring me back down to earth. – I know I couldn’t do it without him. Unlucky for him, he’s stuck with me. (Whether he knows it or not). 

Everything to do with the airport is tedious and long, right from the get go. Your told to be there 2 hours before your flight – Its a good thing too, it’ll take you that long to get in!

Step 1:  Checking In -The longest que await you. Your all happy when you get out the car/taxi all ready for your holiday. You find your flight number and airline and make your way to the check in desk. As you approach the desk, your smile starts to fade. Your eyes move from the counter, following the huge que of people. – I’m a really impatient person so, this annoys the hell out of me. You go find your place in line, moving only inches at a time. Round and round the barriers, looking at all the people in the que. (I find to pass the time, is to people watch. Look at there outfit, what kind of suitcase they have – Basically judging them secretly) – Now, now, Before you all think ‘ooh she judges people’ … you all do it, so shush. You keep on moving slowly, until you finally reach the front. – HALLELUJAH. (Or so you think). The worst is yet to come. 

Step 2: Secuirity – I don’t know about you but I always feel guilty when going through airport security. I know I dont have anything to hide. I’m not a drug dealer, or carrying anything I shouldn’t be. It’s just the tense atmosphere. Not to mention it can take ages to get through! – I absolutely hate the way the guards look at you. It’s like they are looking straight into your soul, finding all the bad things you’ve done in your life. – It’s like you feel your mind has been violated. (Wow that went dark a little there). Anyway, after waiting for 25 minutes to get to the front, they take your bags, phones, wallets, shoes, belts, jackets, anything they want (kinky). Then make you walk through a massive screening thing, that scans your body. – By far the weirdest feeling ever! It’s like they want to see everything underneath your clothes! Heaven forbid you get picked for a search! 

Step 3: Duty Free – This is my FAVOURITE part. – SHOPPING! I pretty much spend almost all my holiday money at the airport. WHSmith, Boots, accessorise, I love them all! I’m a massive handbag collector. So odds are I will end up buying 1 maybe 2 handbags. Going off topic there but by the time your through you realise that through the stress of checking in and security your hungry. However, because by this point you’ve spent 1 hour 30 minutes getting into the airport, you don’t really have much time to eat anything – Like they have restaurants at the airport, but how does anyone get time to eat in?! As you have such short time left, your flight is due in 30 minutes, you stuff your face with Burger King or McDonald’s. Keeping a beady eye on the board. 

Step 4: Your Flight – You see your flight pop up stating ‘please go to gate …..’ you see people start to move, you grab all your belongings as fast as you can and you start speed walking to the gate. This always puzzles me. When you book a flight 9 times out of 10 you’ll have a seat allocated/booked for you. So, why on earth do we all feel the need to run, push and shove people? We will all get on the same flight, with are designated seats. (This does not make sense to me!). Your seat isn’t going to change, no matter if you board first or last! I’ve just had the funniest thought. Just imagine, if everyone had this idea. All sitting at the gate, saying ‘ahh we don’t need to board yet, we have assigned seats. They won’t be taken’. – The plane would never leave. 

FINALLY after over 2hours of rushing around, you sit down in your seats for the flight. That long ordeal for a flight that’s 2 hours long, for a holiday that lasts for a week, then after 7 days putting yourself through it all again… crazy when you think about it. 

I guess it’s worth the stress. 

Much Love, 

The Insider x 

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