The Perfect Beach/Pool Body 

I’m one of those people that say ‘I will get fit for summer’ – This is the biggest lie I tell myself every year. 6/9 months later, I will look at myself in the mirror on holiday and say ‘Eh, maybe next year’. – Another lie. I’m too weak, I love junk food. So when I’m on holiday, by the pool or even beach, I do the only thing I can do to boost my confidence – DRINK. Alcohol makes me forget that I don’t have a baywatch body! 

I’m all for people, getting fit and healthy. I appreciate all the hard work and torture they put their body through but I’ve learned that I’m happy the way I am. My thick thighs that jiggle, my back fat that just sits there… my boyfriend loves me just the way I am, even my imperfections. Just because I’m not societies idea of perfect body image, doesn’t mean I don’t have perfections. – Everyone does not matter what body you have. 

I have to spend a little more time (and a lot more money), to find swimming costumes that fit and make me comfortable. The girls, that have worked extremely, hard for there ‘beach/pool body’ are able to walk into primark or Tesco and buy a bikini without any hassle. Me on the other hand, I have big boobs, a little on the chubby side and low confidence. I have to find something that covers all my ‘problem’ areas. I have managed to find something that’s called a swim dress (these are the best thing since sliced bread!) – They are cheeky, fun and sexy (they remind me a little of babydolls. Plus! They are super comfortable. However, they cost ALOT. 

It’s not just girls that get into shape for summer, guys do too. You’ll know who they are because they look like male peacocks, trying to attract a mate. They walk up and down the beach or around the pool, flexing there muscles and stalking woman. – To me personally, I don’t think the steroid body builder look is attractive. I really admire the amount of time and hard work they put in to looking like that – It’s just not my cup of tea but it might be someone else’s. 

You just have to be happy with whatever body you been given. It’s a work in process, it’s going to change throughout your lifetime. Embrace it. Just because you don’t have the stereotype perfect body, your body is perfect for you. – FLAUNT WHAT YOU’VE GOT! 

You’ll be surprised, the things you hate, the things you think aren’t perfect, maybe perfect in the eyes of someone else. Whether it’s: 

  • Your toned body 
  • Your long legs 
  • Your big bum 
  • Your long hair 
  • Your big boobs 
  • Your flat stomach 
  • Your stretch marks

Someone will always see the beauty in your imperfections. 

Learn to love yourself – Be your own kind of perfect. 

Much Love,

The Insider x  

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