I’m A Winter Baby. 


I’m a winter baby. – I know, I know, I’m born in winter and that means I’m biased. Err, no. I LOVE being cold. It’s just everything about it is amazing! I know I know, most of you like to be warm but not me. (Some people say it’s because of my ice heart – that’s their opinion). I LOVE the early evenings, the big cozy jumpers, snuggling in bed – Literally all of it! It’s just a breathtaking winter wonderland! The frost in the morning, the crisp fresh air (the frost is only annoying, when you have to go to work and defrost your car), otherwise it’s beautiful to see the frost. There is nothing more peaceful with a cup of tea in the morning, watching the sun hit the frost, laying on the grass. Seeing it evaporate into the air – it’s like magic. 

Big jumpers. One of my favourite things about winter. You can grab your leggings and shove a huge oversized jumper on to relax in. Getting all cozy on the sofa, with a steamy hot cup of hot chocolate, with the fire burning (my boyfriend has 2 in his house!) – hearing it crackle, as you read your book snuggled up to your loved one (or teddy). 

I almost forgot! As a girl, you don’t need to shave your legs or arms in winter! You’re always covered up! – I don’t know about you but, I end up looking like a yeti (as my mum says). – Girls please admit you do this as well, otherwise I’ll look like an idiot. 

Sleeping. The most amazing thing ever in the winter! All you ever want to do is curl up in bed, snuggle up in the sheets, and cuddling up to your loved one (or teddy) and falling asleep instantly. – Best nights sleep are in winter. 


I’m not a massive fan of summer. Unless I’m on holiday in a reaaaally hot country, that has a pool 5 feet away. You can’t even try to sleep in the summer. You get all hot and sticky. Its completely disgusting. I end up waking up halfway through the night and peel myself off the sheets (yuck!). I have like 2/3 fans pointing at me to try cool me down so I can sleep. I absolutely hate trying to sleep in summer! – Unless you have air-con. 

Working in the summer is like mining inside an active volcano. You have to wear something that keeps you cool all day, but also something that suits officewear. Torture. Try wearing trousers in 26 degree heat. Horrible your butt sweats endlessly. – In my office, people have brought fans in (this may seem easy, however you have to get them checked, to make sure they are safe to be in the building and plugged in). Whoever has a fan, gets crowded with people pretending to be friends with them to use their fan. – It’s like zombies, walking towards fresh blood. Everyone tries to befriend you. 

In England we cannot cope with hot weather. We set foot in 20+ heat and half the country gets burnt. However we will always moan, no matter what the weather is. If it’s too hot, we will say ‘it’s too hot, I want it to snow’ – but when it snows ‘I’m too cold why can’t it be summer’. Why are we never happy! 

We are only happy when we are complaining. If you dont complain, ask yourself this ‘Are you truly English?’ 

Much Love,

The Insider x 

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