One Night In Leicester 

Me and my bestie. We love to go out in new towns, just to experience the nightlife. Just the two of us, having a girly weekend. We have a tick sheet of places that you have experienced and where we are yet to venture. 

This particular adventure, is one that we will never forget. We continue to laugh endlessly at what happened. I’ll fast forward and tell you all about it. 

It was a trip to Leicester. Not very far from us, about a 45/50 minute drive. We had planned a super girly day, getting our nails done, going shopping – You know normal girly things. It was going to be a casual night out, just a few quiet drinks. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. 

We got to Leicester. Started off by checking into our hotel and was greeted by an amazing guy! Really funny and helpful. We asked him about what taxi firm we should use and if he knew if anywhere to go. – He pulled out a map and basically planned our whole night for us! – BRILLIANT! We headed into town to go shopping. (The taxi fare was only £4! Bonus!). My bestie almost bought the whole of Leicester. No word of a lie, she bought so many clothes. Including a whole new outfit for the evening. Now this outfit was killer sexy. Thigh high boots, tight suède dress – HOT or what! The night was starting to turn into a BIG night out. 

We got back to the hotel, giggling away up to the room. Started to play club music and helped each other get ready (you know, making sure make up was matching and hair on fleek). Then the selfies start. This is one if the hardest things ever. You have to get the lighting right, the pose right and all by making sure you BOTH look good. – Its exhausting. 

 Got dropped off by the taxi at a lovely cocktail bar. It was absolutely packed! No where to stand or to sit. We had to literally fight our way to the bar. However, when we got to the bar we were told that they had an offer on. We managed to get 4 cocktails (really nice cocktails) for roughly £14! – I couldn’t believe it! After the cocktails, we needed to dance. We went wandering the streets trying to find a pub with a cheesy DJ. Praise the lord we heard music, like blood hounds we followed the sound. 

We found a pub with cheesy music. But first we headed to the bar. We got a few shots to bubble us up and my bestie dragged me to the dance floor. – Now I’m sure we have all been to a pub that turns into a 90s cheesy dance floor. It had great feel good songs. Me and my bestie dancing away when my bestie stopped all of a sudden. Her face was in shock. She had pulled over a guy (that must’ve been on a stag night – I hope), that was dressed up as a granny. He had balloons, down a floral dress with a grey wig on. She was so excited, she begged him for a selfie. After 2 minutes of being talked into it she got the selfie. He wondered off after that. (I think we scared him!) – Then we moved further into the dance floor, then a really really drunk man starts dancing with my bestie (he was harmless). He danced like Jackie Chan! 

We decided to go find a club. We were like headless chickens. We had no idea where we were going! We started walking down a street (that wasn’t heel friendly). I slowed down a little as I saw a paralytic man stumbling about. I stopped and said to my bestie, ‘I can’t leave him, he’s on his own and if he falls it’s not going to be good’. My bestie tried to say no he will be ok. Then suddenly as if in slow motion, he fell. With a massive smack, his face was on the floor. I ran over (as I’m first aid trained) and started asking him if he was ok and assessing the situation. He then tried to stand, so I helped him up. Now, I’m a 5ft 3 girl and this guy was tall maybe 6ft. He stumbled as I tried to help, then I felt a hand behind me. A group of people my age helped. – The paralytic mans friend came along (finally) and took him home. 

My bestie at this point was talking to the guys and girl that helped me. They were all at uni in Leicester and said that they were going to a club down the road and we could follow. So we tagged along (with strangers – stupid I know). We headed into the club and got to know the guys and they were lovely! By this point me and my bestie were rather drunk and dancing with these group of uni students. I was dancing with my bestie, when all of a sudden I was picked up from behind! YES PICKED UP! By an old guy! My bestie grabbed me and told the guy nicely to back off. Around 20 minutes later, by a completely different guy my bestie got picked up! – Is this a normal thing in Leicester? 

It was around 3:30am, my feet were killing me. Now please don’t judge me, I took my shoes off in the club. Yes I know YUCK! However my feet where bleeding as I wore new shoes. ROOKIE MISTAKE, I know. I grabbed my bestie and said I need to back to the hotel, I really couldn’t stay much longer. She said that she was about done too. We told our new friends who said that’s fine. 

We walked out the club, me barefoot. Walking through puddles and god only knows what! We waved a taxi down to take us back to the hotel. However as we were walking to the taxi some random guy had jumped into it! (Rude). The taxi driver said that we were going to the same area and could take us all. – Now guys. Never, ever, ever get into a taxi with someone you don’t know. Against are better judgement we said ok. 

The taxi ride was weird. I mean, we could’ve been killed. We didn’t know this guy at all. In the taxi, I had found a shoe and turned to the taxi driver to tell him. When I turned round I couldn’t believe my eyes. This guy, had my bestie in a headlock. Yes, you read that right a headlock. I was in shock. I shouted ‘what the **** are you doing?!’ – To which the guy said, ‘I’m getting her to smell the shoe’ (Who in there right mind would do that?). He let my bestie go and then leaned towards me, grabbing me to try and put my face in the shoe. Now, I was beginning to become sober, I grabbed his arm before he reached me. I grabbed it hard and dug my long acrylic nails into him and told him to ‘**** off’. 

The taxi dropped us off at the hotel, we couldn’t get out the taxi fast enough. We got to our room and burst out laughing. We couldn’t believe what had just happened. – My bestie got into bed and I washed my feet in the shower and climbed into bed. We were so irresponsible. 

I can’t stress enough to you guys. DO NOT GET INTO A TAXI WITH SOMEONE YOU DONT KNOW. 

Leicester. Good, fun night out. – Prepare for anything though. 

Stay Safe! 

Much Love,

The Insider x 

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