The Cafe Worker 

Working in a cafe was my first ever job. I was so excited to be earning my own money – little did I know the horrors of this job. 

Little to no training I was chucked onto the coffee machine (it was either sink or swim). Luckily I’m a fast learner in more ways than one. As I started to serve coffee, I also learned that there was clicks within the team. You had the oldies which have been there all their life, you have the younger generation that has been there for 2/3 years and then the newbies. You could clearly see the hierarchy/divide and shouldn’t mess with the structure. – They don’t like that.

The different jobs in the cafe meant, how experienced and how much authority you had. Let me break it down for you. 

  • Pot wash – This is for the people that weren’t very confident – Or if you p***ed people off and they wanted to punish you. – Petty.  
  • Counter – For the newbies/oldies that are eager and have the energy to get through the orders. – Not a bad job, but fully customer facing. 
  • Till – For the people that were very confident and experienced – Also customer facing, taking the brunt of the dissatisfaction (if it arose). 
  • Cooking – The most experienced and trusted people – Usually an oldie. 

It was the most petty mind game ever. If you annoyed the people that did the rota, you would be working in the pot-wash on your own – Honestly it was disgusting. Not to mention your nails ended up completely ruined. I only liked it when I had had enough of customers screaming orders at me. 

Ugh the worst customers though, are the ones that used to click their fingers at me. I mean come on, I know it’s my job to wait on you but it’s just rude. Disrespectful even – If you do this you need to stop. Us waiters all hate it. I wish I could say ‘If you do that again, I’ll show you where to put your fingers’. – Might’ve got me in trouble however it would’ve been worth it. Oh I almost forgot, don’t work in a cafe unless you want your name to be changed to ‘miss’ or ‘excuse me’ – There is no point in me having a name tag. It’s never used. 

Saturdays for me were the most fun. In the evenings I used to run the shut down. Making sure everywhere was clean, everything was stocked up, all the date checking was done. Everything. It was full of youngsters. Saturdays were full of the teenagers/young adults. We used to have so much fun! – Even sneaking the odd coffee before we cleaned the machines (I know right, someone call the police!) – Such rebels.

As much as I hated the b***hiness of the cafe, I did meet one of my besties there. We stuck together as thick as thieves. Always glued together. If it wasn’t for her, I think I would’ve quit a long time before I did. – Love Her! Not to mention the cute old regular couples that came in. Such sweethearts. It made my day seeing them come in. 

Just remember guys, cafe workers are there to wait on you however be nice to them, after all they are human (mostly). They have such a hard job, if you haven’t been in there shoes don’t comment. 

Much Love, 

The Insider x 

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