Teachers Pet

I have huge respect for teachers. I don’t know how they go through the day without hitting someone. – You’ll be relieved to know that I’m not a teacher and have never hit anyone! – I can just imagine irritating children, not listening, screaming, shouting, teenage mood swings. I just wouldn’t be able to handle it. 

I’m sure we all had form tutors at school. You know the teachers that looked after you throughout your time at the school. They are like your parents! I loved mine, she was the kindest, funniest most competitive person I know! – Especially on sports day! She would be screaming at the top of her voice at us to win. She actually lost her voice afterwards. It was hilarious. Even though she was always kind she would come down on anyone like a ton of bricks (as she used to say), if you did anything wrong. She was with my form all the way from the age of 11 to 17!  She watched all of us grow up into young adults. You get so close to people through that time, it was so hard to detach from her. Emotional. That doesn’t even touch how sad it was when we moved into 6th form without her. 

At school, I was known as the teachers pet. I didn’t see it that way! I’m a very good communicator, doesn’t matter who it is or how old they are. I will always be able to talk to them! (It’s a gift). Now others saw it as ‘teachers pet’ I saw it as making allies. You know if anything was to happen or if I needed help or needed to get out of trouble (which luckily I wasn’t ever in), it’s always good to keep them close. (Keep your enemies close, they say). – For example, I was running late to a lesson once and my friend was messing around in front of me. I ended up shouting, ‘oh stop being such an f****ng p**ck’. (Which was something totally out of character, as I don’t usually swear) – To my horror, my head of year came round the corner behind me and shouted my name. I stopped in my tracks closed my eyes and prayed. I slowly turned round, and she looked at me with gritted teeth. She said ‘meet me in my office at lunch!’ – I walked into her office with my head hanging low. She looked up from her desk, she said ‘what was that all about earlier?’ To which I responded ‘My friend was annoying me, I’m sorry I forgot where we were’ to my surprise she said ‘oh well no harm done, just please don’t do it again’. We then went on to having a great conversation about her children – I walked out with a little smirk on my face. 

I remember one teacher bless her. I was in the lowest group for Spanish, I wasn’t very good at it. Now being in the lowest group meant that I was surrounded by wannabe hard men (whatever that is). They tormented this teacher – It was awful. There was this one time that was horrible however it was a little funny. They had made the teacher run out the room crying (I felt so bad), then one of the idiots said let’s all turn our chairs around. Don’t ask me why. It seemed pointless and childish to me! To my surprise everyone picked up their chairs and faced the back of the classroom. There was a select few of us that didn’t do this. (It was cruel). The teacher walked back in after calming herself down. She went mental at them! Literally screamed and ran out crying again. This time we knew she was going to get the head of languages. (This meant it was going to get serious). This lady was scary. VERY scary. Everyone in the room turned everything back round as fast as they could. The French teacher walked in shouting at all of us, with our teacher walking behind crying. The French teacher looked at all of us and her face was changing to the colour of a tomato. I’ve never seen anyone shout as loud as she did! – I jumped out of my skin! She sent out all of the people that turned round to face the back of the classroom. They all got 2 weeks in detention, the 5 of us that didn’t do it asked our teacher if she was ok. – It was mean but kind of funny. 

Now the most embarrassing thing that happened to me at school is when I walked straight into the boys bathroom. I know, I know everyone has done it but it’s the most embarrassing thing to do at school! I looked like an idiot. It wasn’t a quiet time of day either, it was in mid class change over. Everyone saw me and couldn’t control their laughter. – At this moment I wanted to die. Honestly, the humiliation was horrible. No one let me forget it, EVER! 

School, it was the cruelest, most lethal experience you’ll ever have. It’s like the hunger games. 


Despite all the stuff you go through in school – The lessons, the scary teachers, the homework, puberty all of it. It’s worth it. Don’t take it for granted, live each day as it comes and enjoy it – You’ll soon be adults and it’s sucks. (Trust me).  

Much Love, 

The Insider x 

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