I Am A Cat Lover And Proud! 

 I’m allergic to cats. Always have been. I’m impartial in the debate of cat lover and cat hater. – Well this was true until I met my boyfriends cats. 

Prince (sadly he’s not with us anymore), Rose and Mog. Prince was the eldest. It was the saddest day ever, when he died. I cried so much. Prince had this most amazing personality, it’s like he wasn’t even a cat. You could speak to him and have him meow back at you like he understood. He would always be the first to come and snuggle with you on the sofa. Such a loving, pure ginger cat – I miss him. Prince loved chicken! It was his kryptonite. He was a killer. He always caught the biggest birds and brought them into the house as a gift (not the same as a handbag or Jewellery). However, he tried to take a blackbirds baby once, I have never seen him so scared or even run so fast. He didn’t do well with blackbirds. 

Rose, she is the same age as Prince. When he passed away, rose completely changed. She hasn’t ever been the same, she’s gone loopy. – It’s so sad! She’s also gone deaf, you’ll here beeping outside and you know it’s rose sitting in the way of the driveway. She doesn’t remember when you’ve fed her, always meows for more. You give her loads of attention and cuddles but she’s never been able to retract her claws, they end up getting stuck! Bless her. 

Mog, he’s the youngest. He literally turned up one day – all we knew was that he was ginger and a kitten. So as the good human beings that we are, we took him in. Mog loved Prince, it was like they had there own kind of thing going on! – It was a Love, hate relationship. Mog was lost when Prince died. However you could see him change into the alpha male (well he tried). 

Being around all 3 of these cats, my allergies seem to have become used to them! Yes I’ll admit if they come next to my face, my eyes start to itch, it’s no where near as bad as they use to!

Cats can definitely be evil. I’m sure we have all seen the videos on the internet of them pushing things on the floor. Mog takes this to the next level! I was standing in the kitchen one day and Mog from across the room lost it (I don’t know why) – He launched himself at me and clawed my leg! Like what the hell was he thinking! It really hurt! Drew blood and everything.

Although, these cats have been through a lot. For example, when my boyfriend was around 7 he picked up Prince and placed him in the washing machine. Yes the washing machine. Poor Prince! He actually closed the door and put it on! This is on the boarder line of animal cruelty! – However he didn’t know what he was doing, he probably thought that Prince needed a bath or something. Prince forgave him though as he was glued to my boyfriend. 

Another example, is when my boyfriends brothers thought that Rose would be the perfect pilot for a parachute. They actually tied an Action Man parachute to Rose and dropped her down the stairs! I really don’t know what was going through there minds when they thought that would work! – Again another form of animal cruelty! They were reaally young when all this happened. Rose did forgive them and still cuddles up to them! 

So yes cats can be evil, however very loving, sincere creatures, with a little mystery to them! They do deal with a lot from us. 


Much Love, 

The Insider x 

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