I’m A Self-Confessed Shopaholic.

Hi. My names the Insider and I’m a self-confessed shopaholic. – Nothing feels better than walking into a shop, marble floors, jewellery shining, the air smelling sweet from all the perfumes. Absolute bliss. My heart quickens at the thought of shopping! I will say I’m popping out for milk and head into town. My eyes get drawn towards all the clothes shops. Trying to stay strong and determined I’ll walk past them with my head held high. Then all of a sudden a pair or stunning heels or a breathtaking leather handbag jumps into my line of sight. Without even thinking, my feet will have diverted my body towards the shop. I give in easily (obviously!). Just going for milk and being 10 minutes will turn into a 3-4 hour shopping spree for things that I KNOW I don’t need.

I’ll rationalise things to myself. ‘Oh I don’t have a bag in that colour’ or ‘I don’t have that type of makeup, everyone says it’s good’ – These are just excuses. I just can’t help it! I have to shop. It makes me happy. It makes me feel complete.
I have online banking on my phone. This is probably one of the worst inventions for weak shopaholic’s (like me). I will have a budget in mind of around £50 – Knowing full well this wouldn’t be enough – I would be picking up clothes, make up, body care, hair care, jewellery, anything! Before I know it I have a basket full to the brim and over at least £150. My heart starts to sink at the knowledge that I need to put some things back – However a thought pops into my head… I can transfer money from my savings! (I’ll admit, not best of ideas, but when I’m in the shopping mood I don’t listen to reason) – Savings are just sitting there gathering dust, might as well put them to good use! Excitement rushes through me, as I know I can buy all of the goodies in my basket!

It’s not until I get home that I realise that I have been out shopping for 3-4 hours and need a good excuse as to why I’ve brought 2 bags, 3 pairs of shoes, 6 top, 4 lipsticks. My mum, dad and boyfriend just don’t understand. They all look at me with there judging eyes. I start to feel a little guilty that I have taken money from my savings.

You all probably think I’m over exaggerating, I pinky promise all of you I’m not (and you cant break pinky promises). One holiday last year, I came back with 5 bags. 5! Crazy right? Now I’ve just come back from holiday and brought another 2 bags! – I think I have a bag fetish. Help me, please!

Eh, you can never have too much makeup or handbags!

Much Love,

The Insider x

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