How do guys get to pay £10 for a haircut?! I mean really! Come on. I go into a hairdressers and have to pay between £70-£120 depending on what I have done! Crazy money. – Yet I pay it. I’m a very impatient person and also impulsive. I will walk into a salon and ask to get my hair dyed blonde (my hair is close to black). They say that’s fine however it’ll take around 7 hours to do and will cost over a £100. – Yes I know. Who would pay that? The answer is me. Stupid I know.
Anyway, I arrive for my appointment, excited and ready to go. I sit down in the chair and my hairdresser comes over and starts mixing up the hair dye. Now I know boys don’t get this. I’ll be offered a drink. Not just any drink, it ranges from, water, coffee, tea, juice, latte, sugar, no sugar. Anything! I always opt for a latte with sugar. This then gets brought out on a lovely black tray, with the sugar in a pot and a biscuit. – Great service!
The conversation then starts as the hairdresser applies the colour on my hair. The conversation bounces, from moaning about work, boyfriend talk, families, anything! I sometimes think hairdressers are therapists! (They must hear a lot of different stories!). By the end of having the dye applied, you’ve pretty much lost things to talk about.

Then the waiting begins. Hair dye takes bloody ages. They ask you to move to the sofa so you’ll be more comfortable – This isn’t true, we all know it’s because your next client is here and you need the seat. (We aren’t stupid). Hours and hours go by and the hairdresser has checked my hair a couple of times to make sure my hair is looking ok. The final check comes and they ask you to move to the basin. This is every girls favourite part! – The shampooing/conditioning. You lean your head back and it’s like you fall into a deep sleep. The hairdresser massages your head, it feels like heaven. Trying not to fall asleep, you open your eyes occasionally to make sure you haven’t physically fallen asleep. They move their hands in such a way that makes you get goose bumps down your back. – It feels so good (unless you get a mean hairdresser, who digs there nails into your brain).

Once this has been done you get escorted to the salon again. The stylist comes over and asks you what kind of style you want. In which I would normally say ‘I would like my fringe cut back in and feathered round the face, with an inch taken off the length’.  – They would do as instructed. Around 5 hours later and close to closing time they would be starting to clean and close up. Knowing that you were the last person in the salon is an awful feeling. I always felt bad for keeping them there past their shift.

Then they had blow dried my hair … I would look absolutely fabulous and like I was about to set foot on New York Fashion Week. I would walk up to the till and they would say, ‘that’ll be £150 please’ – My heart would skip a beat. I would reluctantly hand over my card for the payment. Once paid I would walk out confident and loving how my hair looked. Then all of a sudden I would look at my bank account which would state ‘available balance = £20’ – OUCH. Was my hair worth the £150? – YES, NO REGRETS.

2 weeks later I will buy a home hair dye to dye it back to dark brown. I do this so often that my hairdresser comments every time I walk in ‘I swear you were blonde last time I saw you’ – Embarrassed and ashamed I would admit what I had done. I could physically see the betrayal on their face – As box hair dye is a no no!

I bet no guys, get the service or therapy us girls do. It’s a time to relax and let off some steam – We get a therapy session, massage and a hair cut at the same time (VALUE FOR MONEY). This is why I’m happy to pay more than £10. Guys spend £10 for a quick trim and a small conversation about football – Nothing like a therapy session or massage with the hair cut!

No matter how long it takes or how much it costs, I will pay it and take time out of my day for the hairdressers. This is my personal time to relax.

The costs of being a girl …

Much Love,

The Insider x


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