Part Of The Glasses Club!

You know, I’ve always wanted glasses. When I was at school I would always want them. I felt like everyone had them and was part of a secret gang that I wasn’t part of. – It sucked.  I used to think that they made people look smarter and sometimes a little sexy.

I turned 22 this year and was in the car with my parents going out for a family dinner when all of a sudden, they asked me if I could see the sign up ahead for the exit. I physically couldn’t see it (it was like the angels have finally heard my prayers) – 8 years too late. However better late than never. Anyway, I told them that I couldn’t see it and they looked at me with such surprise on their faces. It was only approximately a metre away. It was at this point that I was started to notice how fuzzy everything was becoming.

I booked myself into the opticians and mentioned that I haven’t had a check up in around 5/6 years. The receptionist looked at me and started to giggle thinking I was joking. – I wasn’t.  I sat down actually feeling excitement bubbling through me. I was finally getting glasses. The optician came out and ushered me into a little room with weird-looking contraptions. I sit down and the guy started looking at my eyes. You know they get real close to your face, staring straight into your eyes. – When he was doing this, I could feel myself holding my breath because I started to worry my breath smelled. I’m not sure why, I just thought that it musn’t be nice for him. Just imagine having to be that close to someone and them having awful breath. – Eww. I found It so awkward looking directly at a stranger. It’s just weird.

Anyway, the optician said that I have a very low prescription but I did need glasses. So I pretty much skipped out to the receptionist who was ready and waiting for me. She then turned round and showed me into a big room. – I liked this room. It was full of glasses. I had to pick the frame in which I wanted. I’m so indecisive when shopping so walking into this room full to the brim of glasses was going to be hard. It was a white, well-lit room with loads of mirrors. I could see all the designer names – Tom Ford, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Diesel. I picked out a few different frames from a number of different designers (I didn’t look at the prices). I started trying on the frames and picked out the ones that I really liked and the receptionist was amazingly helpful nodding in agreement or saying no. I managed to filter the frames down to 2. (That is a task in itself. I had picked 9 different frames). I had the hard choice of choosing between the 2. At this point, I looked at the prices £189 and £280. Ouch. It would also good to mention that the brands I had looked at: Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford. It was relieving to know that I had just had my bonus! – Lucky or what?!

I decided to go for the cheaper option. I ordered the Tom Ford glasses which cost £189. They looked amazing, big black Frame with a gold outline. They are nothing like I’ve seen before! – Gorgeous! I was sure that no one else I knew had these glasses.

I picked up my glasses and was so excited to show them off. You know the usual selfies and wearing them non-stop. I couldn’t imagine not wearing them now. I’m part of the glasses club! – At least. It’s not until you get glasses and put them on and off do you truly realise how blind you actually are. Honestly, I take my glasses off and I can’t see a bloody thing. Driving is near impossible. Although when I’ve had the glasses on all day, my ears start to hurt. I guess that’s the only down side of having glasses. Oh! I almost forgot. It ruins your make up. I will have perfected my make up and it would all be looking flawless. I would then need to put my glasses on to go somewhere and if I wanted to take them off it would leave a red line across my nose. All the foundation would be left on my glasses. Its Disgusting.

I do love my glasses. Definitely worth the money.

Much Love,

The Insider x

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