Fabulous Nails

I get my nails done, once a month. I can guarantee that any girl or guy that goes to get their nails done feels the same pain as me when you have to choose a colour. I literally change my mind at least, 6 times while I’m waiting for them to call me over. Then another 3 times while they are putting on my new set of acrylics.

I always have acrylics. I think because I used to work in a café, I was never allowed to have my nails done and now that I’m out that (hell hole), I can now have my nails done. I never understood why I wasn’t allowed acrylics when I was in the café. They are so much stronger than my own nails. They used to look so ugly and broke all the time when I didn’t have them done. – YUCK! However, now that I get them done once a month they look so pretty. Long and elegant. I don’t know about you but when I have my nails done, it’s like my hands look girly and petite. If I don’t have them done, they look manly and stumpy. – Not attractive.

One of the only places that you are able to get acrylics is the Chinese shops – You know the lovely guys just down the road that work amazingly hard. I just walk in and they instantly recognise me. – Such cuties. I’ll be soaking off my old set of nails and looking through all the new colours and patterns they have. Its stupidly hard to pick. They are always coming out with new colours and designs. I’ll always go for their new things to keep up with the trends. I will go from, ombre, marble, sparkles, block colours. Everything and anything. You also have to choose the type of shape that you like. You can have, long, short, square, stiletto, coffin and almond. Its crazy. You can have almost anything! – I sometimes think that you can express yourself with your style of nails.

As well as acrylics, I will have gel. It lasts so much longer! I never understand when people say no to gel (just because it costs more). Their nails must look awful after like 3 days. – Always go for gel people! I see some people coming into the shop with gel on their normal nails and I wish that my nails were strong and long enough for me to do that. (before you say anything, no it’s not because of the acrylics I wear – it’s because of working in a stupid cafe for years), but I guess the acrylics don’t help. I must admit that waiting for a month to get my nails done can be difficult. By week 3 my nails start to look like claws. They look like old women nails that have grown them out for years. Ew. –

It’s a great way for me to relax and treat myself every month. I guess its more of a habit now than anything else.

When people tell me how amazing my nails look, I will always. say thank you but in the back of my mind ill be thinking ‘I know’ …

Much Love

The Insider x

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