Friday is the day that everyone wishes for. Especially me. It’s the day that’s before freedom. You can seriously taste it. It’s the last day in which you have to get through to forget work at the door and finally be yourself. You can finally look forward to something. – I secretly make a wish to Fridays ….

‘Dear Friday,

I’m so glad we are back together, I’m sorry you have to see me with Mon-Thurs. However,  I swear that I was thinking of you the whole time!’

Ok, please don’t make me be the only one that laughed at that.. I thought that as pretty witty of me! – For once!

To me Friday is the day in which you can relax a little and finally do things that you want to do. It’s a day in which you can pretty much relate to everyone. Everyone is gripping onto the feeling of being free from work and being able to let loose. I love Fridays, because as soon as I leave work, I feel as though I am about to become the real me. I let every single fear, worry melt out the window. I leave my work at the door on a Friday, its like nothing matters once I’ve set one foot out of work. Friday is the day in which we can all relax and let our hair down.

The weekend officially starts on a Friday. You can plan a night out on Friday, without fear of being hungover. You’ll have 2 days which you can recover. You can order a takeaway and watch films all evening. You can literally plan anything. For me Fridays is a day in which you the only decision you need to make is whether to have a bottle or glass of wine and what type takeaway to order.

I will order a takeaway, snuggle up on the sofa, with a bottle (yes bottle) of wine and relax. I will be in bed by 9pm. All I want to do on a Friday is sleep and do nothing. It sets me up for an amazingly lazy weekend. HOWEVER on the odd occasion I will have massive plans for the weekend and Friday is just the start. I will have a full, big night out planned with the girls. I think of it as ‘It’s Friday, its time to make stories for Monday’. With this in mind I will say little rhyme to myself –

‘Twinkle, twinkle little star….

point me to the nearest bar…’

 After a hard week at work that you are literally running to the bar with your besties, needing to drown your sorrows and make hilarious memories that you can go into work on Monday and tell everyone. – Just to make them a little jealous and also to make them laugh.

I personally think that Fridays are the most important day of the week.

I’m sure you can all agree!

Much Love,

The Insider x

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