They Fill The World With Joy

I was sitting in a cafe today and saw a lady with a new born baby. This little baby, was so adorable, it must’ve been around 1-2 weeks old. My heart melted – I think this is a normal response when a girl sees a baby. 

It’s a remarkable thought, that we can give birth to such innocent living being. 

This lady was was gently kissing her baby’s head and I couldn’t help but smile. The little sound of the baby’s gurgles as you could see that she was pursing her lips and scrunching up her face. The baby wanted food. Instinctively the mother started to breastfeed, covering up the baby so noone could see. – This is such a touchy topic. My opinion is just but one, and I don’t want anyone to get annoyed or offended. I completely and I mean completely think it’s acceptable to breastfeed a baby anywhere in the world. Whether your in a restaurant or at home in private. You wouldn’t stop a 2 year old or 10 year old eating in public then why should you turn your nose up at a baby? – They need to be fed. The majority of the world is made up of women. Now I can guarantee you that, everyone – YES everyone has seen boobs before. It’s no big deal if a mother is feeding her baby. If it make you comfortable then just avert your eyes, you don’t have to look. It should be up to the mother as to whether THEY are comfortable feeding in public. We are all entitled to our opinions. That’s just mine. 

There’s something wonderful about seeing a mother and their baby. I don’t care if your the biggest manliest person ever, seeing a baby is still cute. I know for me when I see them, I do start to feel broody (and no it’s not just because I’m a girl) – My boyfriend gets broody when he sees babies as well, even more than me sometimes! I think this is natural, it lets off your ‘mothering’ instincts. Wishing and imagining of you, yourself having a baby. I know, I know, who would like to be sleepless and dealing with the tantrums but just look how cute babies are! All I would need to do is look into the baby’s cute little face and I wouldn’t care. 
Names. Gosh. The amount of times me and my boyfriend have sat around thinking and talking about baby names is ridiculous. We aren’t even planning a baby or even ready! But you know when you’ve been with someone for so long, you do start to have these kind of talks. We have a Girls name. That was easy and a little obvious. However a boys name. (This will be the death of us. I swear). It’s so hard to think of a boys name. Whatever I like, he doesn’t. Whatever he likes I don’t! We can’t seem to reach a common ground with it! – I guess we just need to hope and pray we have a girl! 

I could go on and on and on about babies. I just think that they are wonderful. They fill the world with joy. – Such a blessing. 
Much Love, 
The Insider x 

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