Thank You For The Music 

Music. I believe that music is the way to people’s hearts. 

Nothing feels better than, looking out a car window with your headphones on bobbing along. – Now don’t lie. I know that we all bob around to music thinking that we are in a music video. I’ll be lip singing along to the songs thinking that my voice is theirs (which is definitely not the case, as I’m tone death). However, this doesn’t stop me!

I think music can really express the way in which you feel. I know for me, if I’m upset or thinking about deep things ‘sad/meaningful’ music can really help. It can help you get through certain things that you might be finding hard to rationalise by talking or concentrating.  Music helps you to drift off into a world in which you can just relax and listen – this is sometimes all you need. The song helps you unlock the answer. I truly believe that songs speak from the heart. – For me music is able to say the things that I find difficult to say. Mainly about negative feelings. 

On the flip side! Music can definitely create an amazing atmosphere. It can absolutely change your mood from bad to good. You can be in the worst mood in the whole world, then suddenly an upbeat song booms over the radio and its like you get taken into a parallel universe. This universe is covered in pink fluffy clouds, rainbows, unicorns and puppies. Everything is good. The rhythm moves through your body, giving off endorphins. We all know those kind of songs… You know, the ones where your foot starts twitching, your head starts to bob – The ones you can’t help but smile at. 

Who can live without music. – I can’t name anyone. If you can name someone, then that’s a person not to be trusted. Their heart hasn’t been touched by music (they must be soulless). – No offence to the soulless people that might read this! 

As ABBA says ‘nothing could capture a heart like a melody can’ – ‘Thank you for the music’ 

Much Love, 

The Insider x 

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