They Won’t Hurt Us…

You know, I’m not that afraid of wasps or bees. However it depends how other people around me act when they see them. For example: 

I’m a normal person, I will just gently wave my hand to move the Bee/wasp away. My sisters on the other hand (oh my god), they literally go into panic mode. They will be flapping around, screaming and running away.  Now when I see them do this, it then makes me panic. 

On holiday, we will be out at a beautiful restaurant by the beach. Having a laugh with the family, when all of a sudden my sister will notice a wasp. (Oh lord). They would be up, waving it away, asking to move tables, anything to get away from them. Seeing the shear panic in their faces makes my heart start to race and before I know it I start to freak out. We will all then be making a big deal about this tiny wasp. 

It’s one of those things, that as soon as you see one, you start seeing millions! I don’t know where the fear of wasps/bees came from. My sisters have never been stung or anything. – That would be understandable if they had a bad experience, but nope. 

The waiters in the restaurant and our parents would be looking at us like we should all belong in a mental hospital by the way we react to them!

They won’t hurt us, if we don’t hurt them. 

Much Love, 

The Insider x 

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