You know I love to sleep. However, on the odd occasion I become a nocturnal creature. Like tonight for example. It’s currently 3:20am! I have work tomorrow! I feel like screaming at my body to go to sleep (internally I am screaming!). – Just imagine if I did literally scream, I think I would give my mum, dad and boyfriend heart attack’s. They would run in, in a panic and ask if I’m ok. Just imagine their shock if I was to say, ‘yeah, just frustrated with myself as I can’t sleep’ – I think I would be murdered … by all of them. 

It’s funny, when your younger all you want to do is stay up all night, texting, watching tv, playing games. You could honestly survive on little to no sleep at all. – Those were the days. As you get older and turn into a grumpy young adult, you’ll be tucked up in bed by 8-9:30pm. I really can’t function without at least 7 hours sleep! (Tomorrow at work is going to be fun). Without 7 hours sleep I’m the worst human being in the world. I’m snappy, moody, and hate everyone that I come across. It’s like I’m Miss Trunchbull out of Matilda. Everyone runs away and doesn’t make eye contact.  

No one should talk to me tomorrow unless I’ve had at least 2/3 coffees. – Depressing thought. I have to be up in 3 hours. (It’s ok to feel sorry for me). 

It is now, 3:30am. My eyes feel heavy and I really want to sleep. Every time I try, my body is like ‘Ha! Nope’. My body is so cruel. It’s not like I have something worrying me or on my mind. If there was I could kind of understand not being able to sleep. BUT no. There’s no reason at all. 

People say if you can’t sleep it means your awake in someone else’s dream. Whoever is dreaming of me STOP. 


Much Love, 

The Insider x 

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