Belle & Ariel 

Ok. No word of a lie, I didn’t find my bestfriend until I left school and started work. I must’ve been 17 when I first met her. She was one of those girls that just naturally projects a beautiful aura. Always smiling, happy, positive person. I met her when I went for a job interview, she was all shy sitting in her chair with the group waiting to be ushered in. I walked over and thought, there’s no point sitting in silence, me being the loud mouth I am, walked in and was like ‘sooooo, whys everyone not talking?’ – Everyone laughed and instantly started talking and opening up.

Her smile literally brightened the mood of everyone sitting there. You know that you just click with some people? – That was me and her. We honestly clicked from day one. We did everything together. We went through the interview process, we went through training together, we had even been put onto the same teams! Through the 2ish years we have worked together it has been so much fun. I couldn’t work without her I couldn’t do anything without  her. We are two peas in a pod.

We are joint at the hip. She’s been such a big part of my life for the last 2 years.  She helped me and pushed me when going through stages where I wasn’t confident with my body. She used to physically dragged me to the gym! She could keep me on the healthiest food ever. (I hate the gym). My bestie is the biggest fitness fanatic ever. Always at the gym, always running and not to mention she’s one of those people who goes to subway and has a bloody salad! – I mean come on! Who does that?!

We couldn’t be more opposite but we really do work amazingly well together. She’s the happy, positive, smiley, beautiful, adventurous, lovable one. – Me, I’m the weird, chubby, miserable, pessimist, that likes to stay home and read a book  –  However I do like an adventure every now and again!

If you’ve seen my previous blogs I’ve detailed some of the adventures we’ve had. Nights out (some hilarious nights out, ending up in headlocks, random taxi drives home, pretending to be lesbian lovers so creeps back off – Girls if you haven’t done this, are you even best friends?!) – Shopping trips here there and everywhere. Having a bestfriend like mine, you can tell them anything and everything without judgement but you can be sure that she’ll give me the best advice ever, even if it means if it’s blunt or means hitting me round the head.

With all the cr*p that I’ve been going through, my moodiness, my irritability, my pessimistic views, she’s been a 100% behind me all the way – She has physically picked me off the floor from having a meltdown, my makeup all down my face, snot dripping from my nose, hair all out-of-place. (I’m surprised that she doesn’t run for the hills as she’s scared of clowns and I must look like on in those moments!). She should have a medal for these moments!

I don’t know whether or not it’s the same for guys but there is a saying ‘A girl can live without a boy but can’t live without a bestfriend’ – This couldn’t be more true. But she’s not just my bestfriend, she’s like my sister. These are the best friendships in the world. If you have a friendship like this – Do anything to keep it.

Bestie, I know your reading this so I want to say, a massive THANK YOU for dealing with me for these 2ish years. I know, I’m not always easy and it must be frustrating for you sometimes but I really appreciate you being there for me and being in my life. I’d do anything for you! – Love you hun x

Much Love
The Insider x

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