I Am A Believer …

Insiders I love and I mean LOVE star signs and astrology!

The most common part of astrology is star signs which are calculated by your date of birth ( You know, Libra, Pieces, Cancer, Aquarius, etc). I bet your thinking ‘Star signs, really? How can they tell you anything? How can you believe that stuff?’ Well if your asking this, then you’re not a believer!

I think it’s so fascinating and honestly my star signs truly reflects who I am. I’m an Aquarius, we are commonly known as the water bearer. The friendliest, people person star sign.

Here is a little break down:

Aquarians have a very strong and dominant personality. – For all that know me personally, I bet your all nodding at this statement! In all aspects of life, this sign seeks the truth (which is very true, I physically can’t stand liars). – Never lie to me or ill easily cut you out my life). Aquarians are able to see very point of view and see both sides of an argument. I used to be able to do this, it’s getting harder and harder as I get older. When I was at school, I used to be the one that was able to understand both sides of an argument, but nowadays I find it hard not to force my own opinion down on people. They are independent and from time to time they look for time to be alone.

They have a great desire to help people and they are able to make friends easily. I’m a very, VERY talkative person and can easily walk into a dull, quiet room and soon get people chatting and laughing. (I can’t stand silence!). However, with this being a huge strength, I know that I always want people to like me. I can’t stand it if someone doesn’t like me. –  If they become disappointed in someone they can never truly forgive and forget (once you’ve lost my trust, your never getting it back, end of story. Harsh I hear some of you say, I don’t think it is, why should I tolerate someone taking me for a ride?). They are by nature tolerant, so they can learn to be forgiving if they choose – I will only forgive someone, if there is physically proof to confirm that what they might have done was a genuine accident OR if I truly LOVE that person.

Aquarians tend to have high expectations of their friends and will seek out people who have deep integrity, honest and are intellectually inclined. Having a sensitive and receptive/aware personality, Aquarians often fear of being vulnerable. So it may take a very long time for them to open up d allow relationships to develop. – Now these statements seem to contradict each other. However I do know what they mean. I’m a very trusting person, but only trusting up to a point. What I show and tell people is only usually the tip of the ice burg. People will believe that they know me well, when fact they don’t.

Aquarians have high standards when It comes to romantic relationships basically this means that I’m too picky and not open to possibilities. – Eh, I think I’m being smart and sensible! I mean look I’m the happiest girl in the world, I have the most incredible boyfriend of 4 years! – It pays to be picky! Once you’ve got the love from an Aquarian the love will last for a lifetime. When Aquarians riches a leech if trust an acceptance, there is nothing this sign won’t do for love.

I truly believe that everyone star sign reflects who they are, even if its only a small part of your personality!

Much Love,

The Insider x

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