Last Night

Last night was weird to me. My boyfriend was at his work party, my parents out with their friends. I was at home, in bed by 8 o’clock.

This is usually the other way round. I’m usually up, partying all night with my bestie and friends. It actually felt like a parallel universe! I dropped my boyfriend off at this lovely little pub that we know well. Now I must say, he looked drop dead gorgeous! He was wearing this amazing navy blue suit, with a black tie and shoes. Not to mentioned he had his hair all slicked back and smelt amazing! He was wearing his new favourite man spray – Dior Savage. My mouth hit the floor and a little worry sparked in my stomach. He just looked so amazing. I joked with him saying he’s going to have to beat the girls off him. – He agreed with this statement (big head).

My parents, well they have started to get close to all of our neighbours, they have always been really friendly and they are all around the same age. We live in a mini cul-de-sac. – 5 houses are in this cul-de-sac and they all go out once every other month. Basically they all go out and get p***ed together. Leaving the children at home and going out and having fun. You know, some people my age would have a problem with their parents going out and getting drunk, however I don’t. I think its good for them. Think about it, for 18+ years your mum and dad have looked after you, had to spend nights at home, say no to parties, drive you back and forth to places. Now that I’m older I think they deserve to have fun!

Me on the other hand, I went back to my boyfriend’s house, grabbed a glass of wine, went to his room, put a face mask on, netflicks and started watching Disney films. Yes I’m in my 20s and YES I watch Disney films. – If you don’t we cannot be friends and I’m disowning you as an Insider. It actually felt lovely, spending time on my own. Just relaxing, eating chocolate, drinking wine and having me time. However, I must say I did one of those stupid nose strip things. OUCH! It hurt! But my nose did feel like a babies bum after! I had all the candles on in the room as well. Nice and calm!

My boyfriend came staggering in at like 1:30am. This was considerably early if im honest. I thought that he was going to be much later than that. He could still string along a sentence, could kind of walk in a line, wasnt sick. I classed this as a success. Until this morning, when he woke up. He suffered with a rather big headache. Now I would say im a good girlfriend, but when people are ill from a night out, I don’t give much sympathy – Its self-inflicted! However, I did look after him, got him water, got him painkillers, gave him cuddles. – Bless him! (he didn’t get out of bed until 3pm today!) – CRAZY.

Anyway Insiders, always take time out for yourself. I think its important. More important than we realise.

Have a lovely sunday evening Insiders!

Much Love,

The Insider x

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