Christmas Time

Here it is again! Christmas. The most family orientated  time of the year. – I LOVE IT. Christmas is the best time of the year for me. I get to see all of my family all in one got.

My mum and dad do an amazing job every year. They have to cook for 14 people! Our whole family comes over to ours as we have the biggest space for everyone. My Nan, granddad, cousins, aunts, uncles, partners everyone! It’s the most amazing time ever.

My cousin, she’s like my sister. She’s the most amazing person I’ve ever me and I look up to her. I don’t get to see her often as she lives with her husband around 45 minutes away and is always working and socializing. So when Christmas comes its amazing, its like we have a whole year to catch up on.

My aunt, I used to spend a lot of time with her. My mum was a full-time mum and my aunt used to help out and have me stay over in the week. Really fond memories. We would have an amazing dinner, bath, books, TV and then for supper my aunt made me bacon sandwiches with the crusts cut off. We would curl up on the sofa together in our pj’s watching TV. She would make me warm milk and read a story for me before I went to bed. In the mornings, she would make me beans in a bowl with buttered bread (with the crusts cut off). This always makes me smile and whenever I can’t see my boyfriend makes me warm milk to help me drift off.

My uncle would then take me to school. His job entailed him being a postman. he used to have a HUGE red van. I throughly believed that he was postman pat. I remember he even had a toy black and white cat hidden in the back of the van so I would continue to believe he was postman pat. He would always be asking me to look out for the cat in back.

My Nan always used to spoil me with chocolate. My memory of my Nan would always be giving me chocolate. Malteasers was her favourite chocolate to give me. My granddad, he Is a very funny man. Very small, grey haired man. He is a brilliant man who always makes me laugh, before he would leave my house, he would reach into his wallet and give me a £10 or £20 note and tell me to treat myself with the pocket-money.

All these memories come back to me at Christmas. It makes me look forward to seeing all of these people who have  impacted my life. I don’t see these family members as much anymore, times change and people’s lives change. So when Christmas comes along I look forward to having all of them under one roof and to have the huge catch ups that are very much-needed. Not to mention the drinking that comes along with Christmas. – My family REALLY knows how to drink that’s for sure.

Its definitely a hectic day! Christmas Eve, Christmas morning im round my boyfriend’s house with his family. – His dad makes the best turkey bacon ever! That’s what the house wakes up too on Christmas morning! We all stuff our faces with turkey bacon for breakfast! – I LOVE IT! The late morning, I will get ready and head over to my house. See my mum and dad, give Christmas presents. Then my whole family starts to descend on the house. we all have laughs, drinks, presents, then the food. It’s a huge banquet that my mum and dad have prepared all morning. The turkey, vegetables, Yorkshire’s, gravy, champagne! Everyone has a food baby or a food coma afterwards. Around 7ish my boyfriend will come over and start play cards with the men and me, mum, my aunt and cousin will be in the lounge chatting away (gossiping).

Christmas is a time, for us all to grab the ones closest to us and tell them how much we love them. It’s a time in which we all need to appreciate what we have and who we have in our lives. Some people will still be in our lives, others wont be. However hard it may be, Christmas is for joy and to celebrate.


Much Love,

The Insider x

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