Take Me Back

You know, there is nothing better than playing old school tunes from your childhood in the car! However there has been many times where I have forgotten how loud my music is and I’ve stopped at a village stop light, blasting out embarrassing music.

I’ve recently downloaded the below songs from films that had a massive impact on me growing up:

Cheetah Girls Soundtracks

High School Musical Soundtracks

Jesse McCarty: Beautiful Soul

Hannah Montana: You’ll always find your way home

Jonas Brothers: Burin Up & S.O.S

Camp Rock Soundtrack

Ugh there is just so many! It’s one of those little secrets that we all have. You know the little ones that you don’t ever want anyone to find out, otherwise you’ll just die of embarrassment!

These songs are just brilliant to re-live your youth. I still remember every single word to all the songs from High School Musical and Camp Rock. Ah those were the days! I used to wish that I would find my very own Troy – but that never happened. As we grow up I think we loose sight of the dreams we once had.

Don’t lie to me Insiders, I know that you’ve all wished that one day people will burst into song!

Wouldn’t that be entertaining? Just hundreds of people throughout your work or school, jumping on tables singing! I can picture it now – annnnnd I’m back to reality.

Anyway, driving along to these songs I sometimes feel as though I’m in a music video. Singing and dancing along, imagining my Knight in shining armour singing along with me – Then you realise that you’ve stopped at a crossing and people in the cars next to you are looking at you like your mad. – These people are just jealous that I can recite the whole of Camp Rock and they can’t.

Ah Insiders why do we have to grow up?! It sucks.

When your younger you can get away with singing to Frozen, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Cheetah Girls – Now so many people judge you.

It’s not going to stop me singing along!

Much Love,

The Insider x

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