Insiders, we all suffer with stress. However we all as individuals handle and deal with it differently!

Some people, like to hide themselves away. Some read books, some write there emotions down. Others they drink when they get home from work.

Me I cry.

Well that may be an over exaggeration. I mean I do cry, but I cry more due to frustration and due to me getting annoyed at a situation. This clearly doesn’t look good at all. Most of the time I’m the one that everyone looks at for support, for comfort, for strength and ultimately stability.

Little do most people know, I’m the most unstable, weakest person ever. Most people say to me – ‘WOW! You always look so put together. You always say your stressed however you really don’t show it!’ … people who say that to me, are clearly liars!

Honestly Insiders, I go all red-faced, puffy eyed, nose dribbling, red chested huffing baboon. I look ridiculous! – My bestie, Gosh. She never ever looks stressed, even when she is, she’s like a flawless angel! She doesn’t go all red or look like she’s even flustered. – I’m so jealous.

Obviously crying doesn’t look good when your trying to develop at work. I bet people think of me as a cry baby and can’t handle situations very well. I PROMISE YOU I CAN! – I’m a touch cookie! (Sometimes – just don’t stress me out).

I’m a very emotional person. I literally wear my heart in my sleeve – literally. So I often feel the stresses a lot more than others. Either that or I’m permanently insane.

I need to STOP CARING SO MUCH. That’s honestly on of my New Years resolutions. However by far one of the hardest things ever. Building resilience is stupidly hard. If any of you Insiders have any tips or ideas for building resilience or coping with stress PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me!

Much Love,

The Insider x

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