Evening Insiders, 

Annoyingly I’m sick. Honestly I hate being sick.

It’s a mixture of emotions. My anxiety builds up as I have to call into work and say that I’m not able to go in. The very thought of this freaks me out and I can feel my heart in my throat. I hate not going to work – Yes, some may say that I’m a workaholic, or that I live to work. All of this isn’t necessarily correct. I’m just terrified of being in trouble and I see that not going into work as me going to be getting in trouble – Stupid I know. However, the more time you have off work for being sick this can eventually get you in trouble with work. I have seen people be in trouble for having so much sick time. – Being rational about it all, I this is actually the 1st maybe 2nd day that I’ve had off in 2 years for being sick. So I guess you could say I’m safe and won’t be in trouble. Still this doesn’t stop me feeling that way. 

At the end of the day I just don’t have the time to be sick. I’ve got so much work going on at the moment, all amazingly GOOD things, which take a lot of energy and a lot of my time. Having a day off sick today was super annoying.  I had so much booked in, in my calendar. Which I’m going to have to catch up on tomorrow. On top of a long stressful day as it is! – UGH. 

This was the feelings that I had this morning. I was getting up, doing my make up, getting ready for work. Then all of a sudden my stomach felt like it was going to explode. In the night I had been tossing and turning with a bad stomach however when I woke I felt fine. Then BAM, I had just finished an amazing smokey eye look (I was very proud of), when I just had such a huge urge to go to the toilet. – Yupp. The toilet was my bestfriend for the whole day. 

Everyone seems to be getting sick at the moment, we are all dropping like flies! Especially in an office job which I’m in, with the ventilation and closeness with others, as soon as one person sniffs everyone’s sick. It’s rather disgusting and annoying. I often think that we should all go to work with the medical masks on like the Chinese/Japanese do due to pollution. (NO OFFENCE INTENDED IN THAT STATEMENT). There is the odd person (like me) that will never admit they are sick and will push through it. However, us strong people who do this, end up looking like living zombies! 

I was SO annoyed. I mean girls, you must know how hard it is to get the right angle and shade of a smokey eye. I had perfected it. Then my stupid stomach was like NOPE, NO ONE IS GOING TO SEE THIS MASTER PIECE TODAY. 

After what must have been an hour on the toilet, I tried calling my work, to say to them I wasn’t going to be able to make it into work. I think I must have tried 8 times to call into work between 10am -12pm. No one seemed to answer. Whenever I’m at work, I aways see the absence phone in a managers hand and they answer it within seconds. When I call, this doesn’t happen. It was tedious! I then had to tell my bestie that I wasn’t coming in and had to ask her to tell my manager. It was hard, to call at a time where I wasn’t on the toilet. – Thankfully she told one of my friends that a manager. 

I knew that my manager would end up ringing me throughout the day to ensure that I was ok and basically to check up and collaborate my story of being sick and not partying. – Which I can assure you, I was glued to the toilet all day. I knew that his cal would be occurring as soon as he was told about me not coming in. What if I was on the toilet? – I mean how embarrassing would that have been? Imagine speaking to your manager when your on the toilet. I think I would have died in a fit of embarrassment. I wouldn’t ever be able to live that kind of thing down. – Whenever you’re in the bathroom, either in the shower, in the bath or on the toilet, somehow everyone seems to know! There is clearly an echo that is very distinctive and linked to a bathroom. When I call my boyfriend on the way home from work, I’m always, ALWAYS able to tell when he’s poopin. (God if he reads this he will NOT be happy!). 

Anyway I can confirm to all of you Insiders that my boss didn’t call me when I was on the toilet, I was actually in bed sleeping. I mean I had just managed to drift off into a deep sleep and he called me! Typical! – How inconsiderate of him? I actually didn’t wake up quick enough to catch the phone call. I had to call back on the number and talk to him. I actually told him off for waking me up! He apologised a lot and told me to go back to sleep and rest. – Bless him. 

I’m feeling a lot better after, 4 hours on the toilet, 3 naps and a long old soak in the bath. – Very much ready for a LONG and BUSY work tomorrow! 

Early night for me Insiders!

Much Love, 

The Insider x 

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