Month: February 2018

Masculine Industry

You know, I work within and very masculine industry. Working in the financial industry can been seen as mainly a mans world. You know, banking, numbers, money, it’s all related to men. – I think that’s laughable. It’s completely laughable, I mean come on. Girls are just as capable as any man. I’m currently developing.

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Treasure Moments

Insiders, I truly, truly treasure the moments that I have with my mum. Me and my mum used to go out shopping almost every weekend when I was younger. Now as I’ve grown up this has slowly stopped (as it does with most people). It’s a little sad considering my mum is my bestfriend. I’m

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If you could have a super power, what one would you have?! You know Insiders, I have always had this question in my head. I have never been able to distinctively say which superpower I would like. There is just way too many to pick from! Invisibility Flying Super Human Strength Breathing Under Water Mind

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Stay Out..

I was sitting in my kitchen today, looking out of the long glass windows. It’s so peaceful. Then movement catches my eye. It’s the next door neighbours cat. Now I love animals. All animals. However my mum is having a massive war with the cats. My mum is a keen gardener and so is my

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