It’s My Birthday & I’ll Party If I Want Too!

My whole world is coming to an end Insiders. I’ve turned 22. I’m edging closer and closer to having to be an ACTUAL adult. What an awful thought. – My grey hairs will be coming before know it. 

My day started by being woken up by a text at 4:55am. If any of you Insiders read my bog 50/50 and bet that my dad would text me… Well you win. I was woken up at 4:55 in the morning, by a text from my dad saying and I quote ‘Happy Birthday x’. Yupp. That’s all the message said. I closed my phone and went back to sleep. – I woke up again at like 9 (a more sensible hour!) and replied to his text and I quote ‘Thank you x’ and no other response was given. GREAT. (sarcasm).

My gorgeous boyfriend got up and took me for my favourite breakfast. McDonald’s breakfast. Yes, yes I know, it’s not glamorous or anything like that however, I LOVE McDonald’s breakfast. – Embarrassing but each to their own and all that! I was rather happy after having breakfast. 

My boyfriend then decided to book tickets to go to the cinema. We went to watch ‘The Greatest Showman’ – OMG. I LOVED IT! It was so amazing! Great story line of the circus and how they came to be around and the development of them around the world. Romance with Zac Efron as the main sex god! – I was trying not to drool when he came out singing in a suit. Yummy! Hugh Jackman was also BRILLIANT! Defiantly a major fitty for his age! I would absolutely suggest this film if you like a light-hearted musical with a twist. – I have bought the album on iTunes! 

THEN! We went back to his and we started to get ready for dinner. I was super excited for dinner, as my mum and step dad were meeting us for a steak night. I was actually feeling really good about myself today (shocker!). I had put on my gorgeous light blue ripped jeans, black top, back heels and curled my hair. If I do say so myself, I looked damn good! 

The Steak that we had was insane. – If your veggie im sorry! The steak was just beautiful! I mean it was cooked perfectly. Medium rare just how I like. the meat just melted in your mouth. The mushroom source was breathtaking aswell. 

I’ve been very very spoilt! – Thank you to everyone for the birthday messages and for spoiling me rotten! 

Much Love, 

The Insider x 

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