Stay Out..

I was sitting in my kitchen today, looking out of the long glass windows. It’s so peaceful. Then movement catches my eye. It’s the next door neighbours cat.

Now I love animals. All animals. However my mum is having a massive war with the cats. My mum is a keen gardener and so is my step dad. They are always out in the garden, looking after all of the plants and grass. My step dad will be out there rain or shine cutting the grass. My mum will also be out there on her hands and knees pruning the flower beds.

We have never had a problem with cats in the garden, until recently. They have taken a liking to pooing in the garden. Yes, pooing. – I think its hilarious. My mum doesn’t. ‘They are pooing everywhere! Why don’t they poo in their own garden’ my mum would say.

Honestly they would poo in every inch of the garden. It’s a little disgusting, considering cats usually bury their poo, these ones don’t. They literally just poo smack bang in the middle of the grass and run off.

My mum was getting to her breaking point. One day when I got home from work, I could hear this amazingly high-pitched siren. I shouted through the door, ‘mum! Whats that bloody sound?’ – She looked up at me smiling away, ‘How can you hear that? Its to keep the cats away! – They don’t like the sound of the high-pitched sound’. ‘Of course I can hear it! It’s stupidly loud!’

She walked out into the garden and started putting these little devices within the flower beds. Walking back into the house with a smile on her face, she said ‘That will keep the cats out of the garden’ – It’s as though she is at war with these little kittens from next door. It made me think of Tom and Jerry. You know, Tom would always be trying and scheming to capture Jerry and Jerry would always be out-smarting Tom. Its kinda like that. My mum being Tom and the kittens being Jerry.

However I think my mum has had the last laugh now. Not only had she put these weird sirens out in the garden that are so high-pitched the cats can hear them. She had also read on the internet that if you put cocktail sticks in the flower beds as well it stops the cats from pooing as well. – I must admit this actually made me howl with laughter. ‘Are you trying to hurt these cats?’ I said to my mum. Her response was ‘No, it’s just to stop them from pooing in the garden! – It won’t hurt them it’ll only prick them’. It’s the most funniest thing I’ve ever heard. – I feel sorry for the cats if they try and sit down for a poo.

Mum 1 – Cats 0.

Watching out the window today has confirmed that the cats won’t come off the fence. They stay high and off the grass. They seem to just retreat back to their own house.

It’s SO funny. – Whats your opinion of Cats?

Much Love,

The Insider x

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