What Is Perfection?

You know I think that too many people worry about how they look. To me I think that we should all just be happy with the way we look. I however know all too well that the way that we look means a great deal.

In today’s generation, it is all about how we look to others. Every girl wanting the slimmer body, the perfect hair, big bum. Whilst boys are wanting the bigger shoulders, toned legs. I understand why this happens. Magazines, TV, social media anything that has any influence in people’s lives today show that everyone wants and strives for the perfect body.

I want to challenge this. How can we define the words perfect body? surely that’s down to the individuals? For example, I know that my boyfriend loves that I have a little chub, it’s what makes me sexy he says. having curves in all the right places. I don’t deem this as being sexy. I deem having a tiny waist, big bum, long hair, toned body all around.

BODY CONFIDENCE – I can honestly say that I don’t know anyone that has confidence in their body. everyone has something that they don’t like about themselves and its a load of cr**! – I myself have a huge issue with the way I look however I know that there are parts of my image that people like, whether I like them or not.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Tess Holiday. Shes actually such a beautiful lady and honestly speaks so much truth. For me she’s a great role model and promotes body confidence. I don’t care that she’s bigger than others, I care about whats she’s trying to accomplish and inspire others to be able to do. By loving herself she is enabling and helping people love themselves too. I follow her on Instagram, and I must say she is fabulous! – She has the most amazing hair! She has so many lovers (I call them lovers, they are people who love her and think she’s amazing) but also in the lime light also brings its haters (evil people!). The way she shoots the haters down is amazing, its like whatever they ay rolls off her back. I wish I could do that! – Anyway needless to say, I think she’s FABULOUS.

Insiders, we really can’t define the perfect body. ROCK WHAT YOUVE GOT! – Be your own kind of PERFECT.

Much Love, 

The Insider x 

One thought on “What Is Perfection?

  1. Media and Hollywood have done such a disservice to women (young and old). Our teeth aren’t white enough, our skin isn’t tan enough, our hair isn’t shiny enough, our abs aren’t tight enough. I wish I could say it gets easier with age. I’m getting better at self-acceptance as I get older, but I don’t think that critical, nagging voice will ever be fully silenced. 🙂


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