Taylor Swift

Insiders I have a huge confession to make. I was driving to work this morning listening to good old Taylor swift. – I know I know most people either LOVE her or HATE her. Me I like her older music. You know the old country ones.

Anyway! I was listening to her songs: Fifteen, You belong to me, love story – the cheesy ones! I mean these songs completely threw me back to my school days! I think it’s fair to say that Taylor Swift sang a lot of truths about school days and about how the general girl used to feel about boys growing up.

Like her lyric: ‘sneaking out late tapping on your window’ – Now forget the last bit about tapping on windows. I’m sure everyone at some point has sneaked our before. My experience was hilarious. I must’ve been around 15 at the time. I was staying round my friend’s house and her neighbour had some of his friends over. Now we were all a really tight group at the time and I remember my friend getting a text from them saying come out we can have a laugh in the field down the road. As you can imagine two giggling teenagers getting invited to sneak out was SUPER adventurous. – pretty laughable now. Anyway. We didn’t even think twice. We grabbed our shoes and put on our hoodies. Now my friends parents at the time were really strict about EVERYTHING. Me and my friend were on the top floor of a 3 story house. We had to make it passed her parents bedroom, her brothers bedroom and then her HUGE (and I mean HUGE) dogs. If they barked they would get us in trouble.

We managed to get passed the bedrooms without a fuss and we could see the guys outside waiting for us. – A huge bubble of excitement went straight through us both. My friend had to go and show her face to the dogs so that they didn’t get annoyed. Then the funny part. My friend’s house didn’t have normal windows. The windows only opened at the top. It kind of looked like this:

Now I know that this shows that the two side windows open, however my friends this wasn’t the case. Only the small top part of the window opens. (I can’t believe that I was skinny enough to fit through that kind of gap!). Anyway!

I thought that I would be cool and go first. Getting cocky and hopping onto the windowsill with the guys helping me up and over the window. I jumped down getting caught by my then boyfriend. Then it was my friends turn. – Now you know dumbo? That cute elephant, that fall over his own ears? Well, my friend basically was like that. Well not falling over her ears, of course, however she tried to be all graceful and …

Stay tuned for part two! To see what happens!


Much Love, 

The Insider x


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