… Part 2!

‘Well, my friend basically was like that. Well not falling over her ears, of course, however she tried to be all graceful and …’

She gracefully hit her head on the window and fell straight at the feet of the guys. I couldn’t help but laugh. – I’m one of those people who will initially laugh if someone hurts themselves, then ill go over and help. Which is what I did in this instance. (I know, what a bad friend!). Falling over in front of these really HOT guys that we liked, wasn’t the smoothest thing in the world.

Deep down, I as happy that it wasn’t me. – Harsh, I might hear some of you say. Yeah I guess so. However if you’re trying to impress some older, cooler, fit guys you’d want to be graceful and look good climbing out of a window. I picked my friend up off the floor and we all ran down to this little grass area, not far from her house and we all started hanging out. In all honesty, this must’ve been around 1:30am-2:00am in the middle of summer. – FREEZING!!

Insiders, as girls were back in the day (gosh I’m sounding old), we used to drool over guys that were older and had that rough skater guy look. (You know the young Zac Efron look). Well my friends neighbours had this kind of look. You know, long swished back hair, baggy jeans, leather jackets/hoodies. They must have been around 2-3 years older than us and this was rather attractive. We stayed out until sunrise, laughing about the most silliest of things. We even played truth or dare.

Oh yes. The good old game that gets people in silly, embarrassing situations.

Anyway, the game was brought up by one of the guys. I’m sure it was a tactical move from them! Even though I came across as a very outgoing person, this game actually made me nervous. Obviously silly questions came up and I was at the age that kissing a guy was the biggest thing since sliced bread. – I could feel a sick pit in my stomach. My friend in the meantime was laughing away egging them on.

Eventually we all agree to have a little truth or dare. – I remember hating my friend when it came to my go. I thought, I would be the outgoing one and choose dare. (STUPID DECISION). One of the guys there, was someone who I was ‘talking’ too and had a massive crush on. Being the bestest friend she is, she dared me to kiss him. I swear I could’ve hit her. I had never kissed anyone before. I felt sick. I was so nervous, I swear that it was like an out-of-body experience. So many thoughts ran through my head. what if I was bad at kissing someone? What if, what if, what if. Insiders you all remember your first kiss and what it felt like just before. God so much pressure. –  I got my bestie back just the same straight after, so we were even. We were lucky we had easy dares. Plus we stopped shortly after meaning, that we only had to do one dare.

– The guys weren’t as lucky. They ended up telling us all there dirty little secrets and doing some really stupid things. My friend even took it to another level. She dared one of the guys to take his trousers off and do a lap around the estate in his boxers. His face dropped, and he started shaking his head. One of the other guys tapped him on the back and said ‘Ill do it with you’. THEY ACTUALLY DID IT – I was in absolute hysterics.

When they got back they were all red-faced and scrabbling for their trousers. We all agreed that we needed to get back before anyone noticed we were gone. (It was around 4am-5am). Me and my friend slowly climbed back through the window and she stupidly invited the guys in as well! – WHAT AN IDIOT! If her parents heard or saw them they would go mad. – However when you’re a teenager, you do silly things, plus the fun outweighed the consequences.

We stayed in the dining room all night, sleeping on the floor. All of us cramped together under the table and chairs.

We suddenly heard a noise. It woke all of us up. My friends dad had just turned on his shower which was above us. We all jumped up and my friend started pushing the guys towards the window. Slowly one by one, they all managed to climb through. We waved them off. We ran, and I mean ran back to her room, which was up 3 flights of stairs!

We both collapsed on her bed laughing and puffing from the stairs. We had never been so scared about getting caught in our lives. – It was such a funny night though, definitely worth it. Me, her and the guys from this story are all still good friends and have had, many more adventures.

Throughout writing this blog, I have the biggest smirk on my face and can’t help but chuckle at what we did and how silly it was.

Looking back on this night, it wasn’t anything massively bad, but at the time you can imagine it was the biggest thing we ever did…. well first biggest thing. From then onwards, there have been many more adventures and many more stories…. BUT they will be told in other blogs.- I have to keep you Insiders coming back somehow!

Much Love,

The Insider x



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