What Do I Really Do?

I guess some people actually wonder what it is bloggers do all day.

Some lucky lucky people actually have blogging as their job. Others have it for informational purposes. Me, I have it for an outlet, it helps me to relax (weird I know).

Most people would be thinking that surely blogging is hard? You must have a plan? You must have something to write about all the time. you have to post every night. Bla, bla, bla. I mean come on Insiders, you and me both know what I can’t blog every night. I would never ever get time to myself or do anything!

You do have to plan, yes that’s a fact, however I have to be in the mood to blog for the posts to be good and interesting. I have a load of drafts that just need finishing or I have set them to be published on a certain time and date. For example, if I’m at my ‘real’ job (I say that lightly) – There is no way that I’m going to be able to physically hit the publish button or have the energy to blog. Some days ill have so many ideas that I come up with the title and then write bullet points or even full blog posts. This enables me to just come onto the site and hit publish on a blog that I may have written weeks ago.

You have to think realistically when it comes to blogging. as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a full-time worker and this is my hobby. –  An amazing hobby! I’m able to let my creative mind flow and able to be myself. In the job that im in I have to kind of be someone who I not. I have to be very professional and grown up. It also helps me by keeping my mind busy. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs I suffer from depression and anxiety. My mind can sometimes race with negative thoughts when im not kept busy. Blogging is great at keeping be busy writing and also reading other bloggers blogs (ooh tongue twister there!). I mean the community within the blogging world is immense. – I LOVE IT.

Blogging is my release. My escape. I love it.

Much Love,

The Insider x

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