You know, guys really don’t seem to appreciate the time amount of time and effort it takes girls together ready in the morning. I mean ladies, I don’t know about you but if I want to look good on a normal day (not a night out), it can still take me around 20-40 minutes just to do my makeup and hair. My boyfriend says to me, ‘Don’t you just have to put foundation on?’ – Oh my god. I actually started to think to myself, is this relationship working? – Does he even know me? Only joking of course but we then got into a debate about what I actually use on a daily basis. So I’m going to break it down.

Providing that I have cleansed my face from the night before. I know, I know I should be taking off my makeup before going to bed, but honestly I’m exhausted and don’t always have the time to do it. Anyway!

My daily routine:

I start by moisturising my face with Dior Hydra Life – I love this product! It makes my face feel super smooth and also providing my skin with the moisture that it needs. This moisturiser is a great primer as well!

Then I use the Dior Capture Youth, Smoother Age-Delay, Anti-Redness Soothing Serum – Ok my boyfriend laughed when I told him about this product. Purely because it says ‘Age-delay’. I am only 22. I do not need to have anti ageing cream at all! I still get ID when I buy wine from the shop or try and go into a pub/club. The reason why I use this, because its AMAZING at stopping the redness that I get on my face. Honestly, I have such red skin, especially on my cheeks and chin. This serum, works amazingly well at combating it! Also perfect for mixing in with foundation! – Plus I guess as I get older I’ll be happy that I started using age-delaying serum..

Then I use the actual primer. Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear. I LOVE THIS PRIMER. Its gorgeous. The feel of the cream, smooths and glides on perfect before applying foundation.

WOW even before foundation, I actually put on concealer. under my eyes, as I have really horrid dark circles. over any little pimples I might have at the time. For this I use No7 Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer. This is the only concealer that covers up anything on my skin. Plus this concealer has illuminating serum in it. Which brightens up the skin! – Bye, bye to the dark circles!

Then the foundation. – MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE – Diorskin Forever Undercover. This foundation is absolutely breathtaking! Honestly, full coverage with barely any product used. If I want a heavier look on a night out I can build with this foundation and I can honestly say that it doesn’t feel or look like I’ve caked a load of foundation on.

From here I am going to list the products over wise, this will be the longest ever blog!

  • Diorsin Air Loose Powder.
  • Clinque blusher.
  • then for the eyes, Diorshow Pump N’ Volume Set. This has a gorgeous eye palette and amazing mascara! – LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

I guess that guys will never understand the length of time it takes a girl to get ready. I mean I do use a lot of products on my face (this is my war makeup – it’s my face that means business!).

Insiders, before you say to a girl ‘hurry up! Your taking too long’ – Just remember that they may have MILLIONS of products that they need to use!

Much Love,

The Insider x

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