But first COFFEE!

I know I’ve been a little quiet on the blog Insiders (miss me?) – Only joking! I’ve been VERY VERY BUSY!

How do people do this?!

This is my first early shift in months. And I have to say …. ITS KILLING ME! – Why on earth would people like having early shifts?!

I would much rather have my 12pm-8pm shifts! They are much more appealing! I mean come on Insiders, I get a lay in till 9:00-9:30! I miss all the morning and evening traffic! What could be more better?

I know, I know! You get to leave earlier and you have the evening to do things. What about the tiredness? What about the early nights? No lay ins?! This is killing me!

I can honestly say that I’m being run on coffee today. I must’ve drank my whole body weight in coffee. I wouldn’t have survived without it. – THANK GOD WE GET FREE COFFEE!

The free coffee isn’t like Starbucks or Costa but it does the job. I mean we have a Starbucks and Costa in the building and it’s slightly reduced prices, however the coffee machine is just so much closure and does the trick for £0! – LOVE IT!

Honestly insiders, I’m dying on these early shifts. – GET ME BACK ON 12-8!!

Much Love,

The Insider x

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