My Office Husband/Wifey

Insiders, as you all know I’m very very happy in my relationship with my handsome boyfriend of 4 years. However, I work with load of amazing guys and girls. I’m very lucky, I’m able to get along with the majority of the people at work. I’m very easy-going and as long as you’re not having a go at me or saying something that I REALLY don’t agree with, I’m pretty much your friend. I’m someones friend until you give me a reason not to be.

I have my large group of friends that are people who I say hi too and can jump into conversation rather fluidly. Then have the people that I can trust with certain parts of my life. THEN I have my besties, that know me inside and out. I can tell them anything. Now of course, work is work. I keep my private life, private however I believe that you spend more than 50% of your time at work, of course your going to make friends. My bestie is from work and I can trust her with my life. I would say that I have maybe have 2/3 of them. (Insiders can you guess I’m not very trusting?).

My work wifey, is this amazing girl that youve all read about before and i couldnt live without her. However my office husband, e.g. my guy bestie. This may sound rather strange, however he is the funniest, lovelies, kindest guy at work. So kind hearted and always there to talk if you need. He is also going through something very similar to me in respect to depression and anxiety. This makes it easier for me, if i need to speak to someone that had been through what im going through now. – Insiders, i bet your all thinking – ‘WOW this girl sounds like a slut’ ‘I cant believe that shes talking about another guy like this’ ‘She has a boyfriend’ – STOP THINKING THAT NOW. Im going to straighten that all out now.

Hes gay. Hes happily married. Hes got a house and dog with his HUSBAND.

I absolutely adore him. He keeps me massively sane when I want to throw computer and keyboards. – he sends me the cutest pictures of his dog to make me smile, whilst I’m at work. Honestly what more could you want from a work friend?! – Not much in my mind!

How does your work Wife or Husband make your day?

Much Love,

The Insider x

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