Dear Audi/BMW Driver


Dear Audi and BMW driver from the road this evening. Just because you have a big sporty car that’s automatic doesn’t mean you can drive up my a** and pressure me to go faster.

We are in fast moving objects that are killing machines when not drove correctly.

Insiders, I’m sure we have all experience some nutter on the road. You know the ones, the ones that drive insanely fast making you think they aren’t going to break in time. Or the ones that tailgate you. This frustrates the hell out of me.

I was on a work business trip once and it was snowing heavily. To the point that I was on an A road and didn’t feel comfortable driving any faster than 30/40mph. I really couldn’t care what other cars behind me thought.

The snow was settling on the roads and still coming down fast. I’m sure we all know the safety distances when driving in snow – I had at least 2 car lengths between me and the car in front. (however I’ve since been told by my mum I should’ve had more….). Anyway!! This idiot of a driver tried to pull off quickly however ended up skidding. Now as he skidded/swerved in front of me, I had to decide what I was going to do:

A. Crash into the back of him

B. Crash into oncoming traffic

C. Crash into the bushes and get stuck in the snow drift

To me it’s a no brainier Insiders. I chose the bushes. I mean come on, I didn’t want to hit him and I REALLY didn’t want to go into oncoming traffic! So out of all those options the bushes looked best. – If I didn’t leave the 2 car lengths, I would’ve gone into the back of him. I mean at 30/40mph, it’s not going to do MUCH damage however it still would’ve been bad!

I was on my own, all shaken up. The car in front that made me drive into the bushes, drove off! I mean oh my god! You just caused someone to skid into the bushes and you drive off! – Stupid BMW driver.


Anyway, Insiders, what I’m trying to say in my mini rant there, is that we all need to be careful and safe when driving. Whether it’s snowing, raining or sunny. If your a fast driver and someone that drives up peoples arses – Stop and think for a moment…

1. Is the person in front, as confident as me at driving

2. Is it safe what I’m doing

3. Do I want to be a pri**

Stay safe on the road Insiders!

Much Love,

The Insider x

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