That Time Of Time Of The Month

Girls. I think we all know what this means. the time of the month can be known as many things, Menstrual cycle, period, you name it. Now I don’t know about you, but I honestly get like a monster. I’m so temperamental its unbelievable! Im super emotional, super aggy, super tired, super hungry. I’m one of those people who I would quiet happily stay inked with a box full of malteasers and a bottle of wine. Or the worst thing in the world, you actually start to feel urges … Insiders you know the ones, the ones where you just want to rip your partners clothes off. Which you must resist. (HORRIBLE)!

Its horrible. I know exactly when I’m going to come on. Not necessarily because I have a calendar with a pink dot on the date that I should start but because of my hormones. It’s as though my hormones hit the roof. – Like honestly I turn into hulk or something. An evil monster that roams around the house looking for food and comfort from anything/anyone.

Honestly Insiders, I have been In the worst amount of pain in the last couple of days. I can hold my hands up and say that this has been the worst time of the month for me. The pain has been unbearable! To the point were I haven’t been able to move and the hot water bottles have come out as well as being stuck on the toilet for fear or puking. This has never ever, ever happened before in my life. Usually it comes and goes within a week and no one is the wiser. – It was as though a monster was inside my stomach and was ripping my insides out.

Women defiantly get the short straw. I mean, we have to go through the boobs growing (which in itself is painful enough). Then we puberty hits we have to have a period every month (which hurts and sucks!), then when we want to have a baby we have to go through labour! – I mean come on Insiders, I do believe that women have to go through more than men. Me and the boyfriend had this conversation the other night, the only thing he was able to say was ‘Well you’ve never been hit in the balls’ – No, no I haven’t! However, that doesn’t happen every month for a boy does it? – He really didn’t have a leg to stand on.

At the end of the day, women bleed for 7 days without dying, can withstand pain throughout those 7 days, we can create live, carry a human being in our stomach for 9 months, push a human out of us, go through menopause (which I luckily havent been through yet, however I have seen first hand what it can do and OMG I’m not looking forward to it!)  and are still able to work throughout everything metioned above and more.

WOMEN ARE ARE  Fu***** PRETTY AMAZING!! – Share if you agree!

Much Love,

The Insider x


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