17 & Driving…

Insiders, my youngest sister is now driving.

Do you have any idea how scary this thought is? – She’s only been 17 for 4 months and she already passed her test and out driving around.

I just feel like screaming at the top of my voice ‘OMG everyone stay off the roads!’. She incredibly young to be driving around. She’s posting it all over Snapchat of her car and loving driving life. – Im massively proud of her of course, being so young and passing her test is amazing however I hope she doesn’t expect me to get in the car with her just yet.

I think I’d turn into my mum. I’d be holding onto the door handle, id be bracing myself in the seat. Telling her to slow down, she driving to quick, telling her to keep 2 car lengths away from the car in front. I would be super jumpy and afraid to keep my eyes open.

However being the bigger sister, my inner self would want to be acting cool in front of her driving, showing her i trust her with her driving. Luckily, she lives with her mum a few hours away. By the time she’s confident to drive on the motorway she would’ve had a LOAD more experience and make me feel more at ease with the thought of her driving.

Learning to drive is one thing. The instructor will only give you the tools for you to pass your test. You start to LEARN how to drive when you get into the car on your own without any instructor with their feet on the second peddles.

I have total faith in her, I just want her to be safe. I know that there are some massive idiots on the road and not matter how good a driver you are you can never be sure of others.

Love you sis.

Much love,

The Insider x

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