I’m going to talk about a new programme that I’ve watched recently.

I’ve put off watching a programme for some time now. The reason why I’ve done this is because I’ve been told it’s really good however emotional.

13 Reasons Why. This programme has been highly talked about in my peer group and also on the web. I’m sure all of you have heard about it.

It’s such a thought-provoking programme. I think it’s opened so many people’s eyes to teenagers in today’s society. Opened people’s eyes to mental health. It shows you the depth of people’s emotions. It also shows the stigma around mental health.

It shows that you REALLY can’t understand whats going on in people’s minds.

I know, I know some people may have watched it and thought ‘what the hell’ ‘this is about someone killing themself’ – Others might say that ‘Its eye openly deep’ ‘It’s a true reflection of what others might be feeling’ – Whatever your opinion this programme will touch people in different ways. … To try and understand whats going on in other people’s minds is something that we can never do. As much as people say that they understand, they can’t. They never truly can.

For me watching this programme it made me cry. Made me think… Made me think back to the days I was in my dark pit. How I used to feel everyday.

But then I thought:

‘A small touch of kindness, is just what some people need. No ones path is the same. We might all go through the same things however we each react to them differently. We each need to show kindness and love to one another. – One smile, then turns into another and then another… The ripple effect. You never know who’s day your making.’

When someone asks you if you’re ok, we automatically think that this is just a pleasantry. That they actually don’t want to know. You feel as though you have to say ‘Im ok!’ or ‘Im fine’. Just so that you can move on with the rest of your day and not let them understand what you’re really thinking. – To some extent, I believe that this has to happen with some people, you know the type of people. The ones that are just being nosey and don’t have genuine concern for you. However, you will always have at least one person that you should hold your hands up and say ‘No actually I’m not ok… I need to talk’. – Hard words to say, I know that better than most.

Insiders, we all think that we have to say ‘Im fine’ or ‘Im ok’ because we fear for what people might think. – We should all be brave enough to be honest and say ‘no’ if we aren’t ok.

I would say watch 13 Reasons Why… but only if your able too. As I mentioned its a really tough story line. If you’re struggling with anything, mental health wise, bullying or anything. – Its taken me a year to watch it. I haven’t been ready to watch something like this. However I’m glad I did. – (I did it in 24 hours! – It is 18+ too, so make sure your old enough to watch it).

Insiders remember smile at someone. You don’t know how much it might help someone.

You never know whats going on behind closed doors.

Much Love,

The Insider x

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