I love your…

Hey there Insiders, I’ve recently come back from the lovely hot country of Spain.

If you’ve been checking in recently I’m sure your all aware that I didn’t really want to come back. (Still the case).

I’m amazed at all the comments I’ve been getting about my freckles. I personally hate my freckles. They are all over my face like dirty patches of mud. Some of you are probably thinking ‘wow, hate? That’s a strong word for freckles..’ – Well it’s true.

I don’t have many freckles on my actual body however on my face and arms are covered. It’s like my arms and face have been taken from someone else and put on my body. I guess it’s the price I have to pay to be golden skinned after a holiday. I think I look so much younger with freckles.

However the more and more I’m around my colleagues at work I’m starting to appreciate them. Whenever I’ve been on holiday and had my face out in the sun, I get a wave of freckles across my nose, cheeks, forehead, chin.. everywhere. I’ve come into work and had SO many people say how much they love my freckles. ‘You look cute!’ ‘Don’t ware foundation ever again, I love your freckles’ ‘you’ve got such a heathy glow!’ – I’m not one to turn down complements but honestly I’m dumbfounded!

I’m flattered that people think I look good naturally … (Ego boost!)

I still don’t like them…

How do you all feel about freckles?

Much Love,

The Insider x

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