It’s never too late..

Insiders. I’m about to do something drastic.

Firstly I’ll give you a bit of background…

Recently I’ve been really looking after myself. Zoning in on me, myself and I.

I think its way too easy to forget to look after yourself. Especially with how busy day-to-day life can be. I sat down maybe a couple of weeks ago and really started to think about what I wanted in life. Thinking about my job, my family, my friends, taking everything into consideration (including how I was feeling mentally).

I love my job don’t get me wrong however, I wouldn’t say it’s my dream job. I think as we get older we put are dreams to the side either because we are in a socially accepted role or because life got in the way or because our dream is hard work or even because we get settled in a job which provides us with the money to live our lifestyle. Whatever happened to the dreamer, the ambitious child within me. the one that wasnt afraid or dictated by money? (Dont get me wrong, I obviously have to make money to pay my bills as im sure we all do) but that doesn’t mean we have to forget what are dream is.

Heres a question, how many of us are actually happy?

I stripped everything back to the basics. What do I love to do. What is my passion. What would I be doing now if I wasn’t in my current job… I LOVE helping people. I love talking to people. I love beauty/makeup. I then went a little deeper, I started to think about all the job roles that I wanted to be when I was going through school (no, not the singer, the dancer, the police officer, but the proper jobs). I wanted to be a counsellor or a beautician with my own salon. Why didn’t I become either of these? Easy, I was scared and I fell into a job which I enjoy and pays me enough to live the amazing life I have. – Yet im not having fun anymore, I feel as though I’m loosing myself, becoming a robot at work. Forgetting all the amazing things that i am and can achieve. (Insiders just to get this clear, it isn’t just about work. I’ve reevaluated everything in my life to get to this decision.

So… I’m going back to college/uni. I’m taking the leap and following my dream. I know it’s not going to be easy, but you know what im ready to work as hard as it takes to get to my end goal. – I am super motivated to do this. I even feel that rush of childlike excitement back in me again. Smiling ear to ear, knowing that im doing something for me.

It’s never too late to change. We are never stuck … not matter what age we are.

We work to live, not live to work.

So, what makes you happy insiders?

Keep dreaming,

The Insider x

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